The lipstick mistakes that add 10 years to your face

Diane Kendal, make-up artist and product consultant for Marc Jacobs Beauty has revealed to Harpers Bazaar the common lipstick errors all women make – with many of them potentially leaving you looking older than your years.

Your skincare routine may be impeccable, but there’s another overlooked element to your beauty regime that could be adding up to a decade to your face.

The London-born cosmetics guru, who is now based in New York and has developed make-up lines for Calvin Klein, cited mistakes such as heavy lip liner in dark shades and failing to apply lip balm as being among the most ageing blunders.

A make-up expert has revealed the most common lipstick errors that could be adding years to your face, including being too heavy-handed with the product


According to Diane, heavily applied lip liner in dark shades is ‘really ageing’.

‘It can look very harsh, especially on older women when you naturally start getting lines,’ she explained.

‘By wearing lots of lip liner you are actually drawing attention to these lines, as you can’t help but look at someone’s mouth when they have a really defined lip.’

She advises focusing on more defined eyes and using less liner and softer lipstick textures rather than, for instance, a bold matte.

If you are going to use lip liner, then opt for a neutral shade that blends with your skin tone, which won’t stand out anywhere near as much.

Avoid heavy coloured liner if you don’t want to look older and opt for a more neutral shade that matches your skin tone instead (stock image)


Some liquid lipsticks can be drying, which emphasises lines, so you should always look for products with a more dewy affect.


The shade of lipstick you wear may offer a clue about where you live in the UK, according to research.

Sales statistics gathered from makeup counters by John Lewis found women who live in southern cities favour bold rouges and bright pinks, while those from the north prefer lighter coral and nude palettes.

The data showed the popularity of different lipstick tones depended on the city in which they were being sold. It suggested that women in London prefer ‘classic red’, while those in Portsmouth opt most for ‘high shine bright pink’.

In Scotland, the best-selling lipstick was ‘high shine baby pink’, while in Manchester it was ‘coral beige’ and in Leeds it was ‘berry plum’. Meanwhile, women in Cardiff appeared to prefer a ‘pink nude’ shade, and those in Newcastle were more likely to opt for ‘nude’.

Forgetting lip balm is also a cardinal sin for the same reason. Diane says you should never go without applying it before your lipstick, and any budget brand will do the trick. However you should allow time to sink in and not apply your lipstick straight away on top of it to avoid smudging.


A very harsh pout can be ageing compared to a softer look, and adding gloss or liner can further add to the overly-defined effect. Instead, use a tiny dab of highlighter right in the centre of your lips, which will make them look fuller but softer by reflecting the light.


If you have very pale skin, black, very deep berry shades and anything with too much blue in it can make you look washed out, while softer peachy colours or true red are better choices. You should never buy a new colour without trying it out on the back of your hand, and don’t be afraid to mix different shades to get a colour that’s most flattering to you.


There’s nothing more ageing than feathering, so use a cotton bud to correct mistakes or tidy up a messy liner or pencil. While applying your lipstick, use ‘little strokes and don’t press too hard’ so that you don’t end up with a thick layer.

Rather than caking on another layer when your lipstick starts to rub off, use your finger for touch ups and blend it in for a natural look. A very bold pout can look dramatic but the defined look is ageing on older women (stock image)

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