Worms in fish: what is the real risk?

Rich in minerals and rare trace elements fish is a common product in the diet of almost everyone. And a few people think that fish can be dangerous to human health, and this is due to the high risk of infection with worms in the use of the inhabitants of rivers and seas/oceans.

Diseases that can be transmitted along with the worms when eating fish, so many that scientists have identified them as a separate group and called it “fish worms”. The danger is that infected worms fish species are absolutely indistinguishable from healthy, and yet, research confirms that all inhabitants of fresh waters, and seas and oceans can be carriers of the eggs and larvae of worms.

You should know that even buying fish and seafood at a specialty store is not a guarantee of the purity of the product. In accordance with the regulations of each fish fillets should be checked for invasive infection. Health standards it is considered that if the number of individuals is not viable helminth exceeded the number of 5, the product must be disposed of. The smaller figure allows the product to be sold but with the condition that before eating it you need to put deep heat treatment.

Reproductively Mature worms and their larvae can be kept in any part of the fish, but most of the worms found in the liver, gills, muscle, the belly or the head of the fish. There are these types of parasites, which are located in Molokai and caviar bags!

Worms in the herring

Traditional Slavic cuisine does not imply the use of raw fish, but don’t eliminate sight of the herring. Its high palatability and relatively low cost made the most popular dish and holiday, and everyday menus. Yes, when salting fish, the worms die and are not dangerous to humans. But this happens only in case, if you strictly comply with the technology of salting fish.

For example, not everyone knows that immediately after the catch and before salting herring definitely need to freeze – this will allow you to exclude all worms. But unscrupulous manufacturers who want to earn more and faster, often ignore this rule. Based on this, it’s safe to say that be infected with worms by eating herring is quite real.


The most common type of bot slaying the man – anisakis, which develops due to parasitism in the human intestine larvae anitokid. Infection of these larvae occurs in the case of the use of salted fish dishes, this also applies to herring.

Symptoms of anisocytosis:

  • sharp, unexpected pain in the abdomen;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • wanton irregularity.

Often considered a disease of their symptoms simulate attack of acute appendicitis – naturally, the patient in most cases is on the operating table.

Please note: these larvae of the worms into the intestine of man, literally bite into the wall (anisakid there are cutters). This provokes intestinal bleeding, which develops rapidly and may lead to death of the patient.

Anisakid larvae tolerate temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius, so the consumption of smoked and dried fish is also dangerous. There are some feature of the worm: as soon as the fish is caught, the larvae migrate from intestine to muscles. Therefore, sanitary standards to prevent infection anisakidae is only one way – the fish is gutted immediately after catch.

It causes cat Fluke – this pathogen is a parasite in the organism of foxes, ferrets, foxes and other carnivores. Most often carriers of feline Fluke are the dogs and the members of the cat, and the intermediate “masters” – the representatives of the family Cyprinidae.

People can be infected with opisthorchiasis by eating raw fish or inferior after heat treatment. The disease is characterized by pathological lesions of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and its ducts. First, the larva opistorchis gets into the duodenum, then moved into the ducts of the liver and within 12 days from the “introduction” in the human body starts laying eggs. The eggs develop over a period of 4 months, after this period appear sexually Mature worms.

With the infected person can note the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • constant feeling of nausea;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • constant feeling of heaviness in the anatomical location of the liver;
  • – non-fatty foods – it just does not absorbed;
  • in the evening there is regularly a fever;
  • there is a disorder of the chair (may include diarrhea, and constipation).

In the absence of treatment of the above disease passes into the chronic form of the flow, which is characterised by irreversible destructive processes in the liver. The result is the rapid development of liver cirrhosis and fatal.


This disease is more likely to occur if humans settled worm tapeworm wide. In some cases, this parasite grows in length up to 25 meters!

Eating poor quality processed fish raw, and raw water can lead to infection. 2-3 months after contact with larvae in the human body in his small intestine is already living the adult broad tapeworm. The main manifestations of difillobotrioz are regular abdominal pain, nausea, frequent dizziness, occasional headaches, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss. In the background the reporting of disease increase in size of the spleen and liver, patients are often diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia.


The causative agent of this disease is a tapeworm, adults of which live in the body of fish-eating birds. The person in this case acts as an “owner” and getting it by eating fish from the carp family.

The worm can reach a size of a length of 120 centimeters, is placed in the intestine and exerts constant pressure on the internal organs. Such exposure causes a disruption in their functionality, and the decomposition products of the vital activity of the parasite cause intoxication of the organism – the person develops diarrhea, nausea, dizziness and fever.

Please note: if fish of the carp family affected by the worms, its easy enough to determine – the swollen abdomen does not subside when pressure is applied, as it there is a worm. The fish will look exhausted, as she violated the metabolic processes.


This is one of the most dangerous worm infections which people can get sick by eating infected fish. The parasite most often dwells in the bladder, kidneys and ureters of a man. Adult worms (a first in the renal pelvis enter the larvae) interfere with the functioning of the entire urinary system, leading to renal colic and kidney failure.

To remove parasites from the body is possible only by surgical methods. Surgery prescribed by a doctor after examination of the patient will be diagnosed with pyelonephritis, renal colic and urinary tract inflammation of unclear origin. To show dictophones will:

Kernelmodetime disease

All anglers who already have experience in this matter, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the fish. They do not use fish with black spots and it is not a coincidence. Such black marks located on the body, fins and eyes of fish, indicate that she is infected with a parasite that is the cause of posthodiplostomum.

Worms by themselves have no relationship to these black spots on the fish, these footprints leave the larvae that fall to the deepest layers of the skin of fish and form around itself a protective capsule.

Please note: undeveloped worms no harm to human causes. Even a diseased fish it is possible to eat, but only after sufficient heat treatment. By the way, deep fried and long fighting to rid the fish from the parasite that causes the development of posthodiplostomum, but other representatives of the worms.


Sometimes in the process of cleaning the fish from the scales under it to meet of small pink worms which are always rolled into the ring is philometroides, roundworms. Females of this parasite “live” in the scales, and males are in the air bubble (in the walls). Some members of these worms can reach a length of 12 inches.

For humans, these parasites do not pose any danger, but fish with damaged internal organs.


This type of fish helminthiasis is also absolutely safe for humans, because the conditions inside the body totally unfit for the growth/development/reproduction of these worms.

How to determine fish infested with worms

Of course, I would like to believe that on the shelves of retail outlets comes entirely healthy, not infected with worms fish. But it’s more like fantasy, so you need to know how to recognize infected fish.

Remember, it might look like the product is unfit for consumption:

  • no rigor, so her muscles are soft when pressure is applied, the hole does not disappear;
  • pupils fish muddy and have dry mucous membranes;
  • scales easily separated, it appears under the skin;
  • the fish abdomen pendulous and swollen;
  • the gills have a swampy shade;
  • the internal organs of the fish emit an unpleasant odor;
  • the anus of the fish heavily favored, it implies the muddy slime.

Rules of prevention of infection of fish with helminths

Of course, it is not necessary to abandon the use of fish even at high risk of Contracting worms. Just need to know some safety rules and strictly adhere to them:

  • fish and fish meat in the cooking process forbidden to try;
  • if you want to cook fish, then she needs to boil at least half an hour;
  • the big fish before roasting must be cut into pieces or layers;
  • when salting the fish should be soaked for 5 days – 2 weeks, all depends on the type of Ambassador.

Fishing worms can be a real hazard to the health and in some cases even for human life. Aware of this risk is necessary, but to abandon the use of this useful product is not worth it. In compliance with the standards for cooking fish it is really to avoid infection with the larvae/eggs of worms.

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