How to find out if the child has worms

Worms in children is a common phenomenon which causes discomfort for the child and a lot of unpleasant moments for parents. Casio baby becomes fretful, sleeps poorly, he is pursued a variety of diseases of obscure etiology. How to understand that the child has worms? What methods of diagnosis and methods of treatment are most effective?

The causes of worms in children

Worms are parasitic organisms that can affect all internal organs. Infection occurs after contact with eggs of parasites in the gastrointestinal tract.

What worms can exist in the human body:

  • nematodes (roundworms) – Ascaris, pinworm, whipworm, Trichinella;
  • cestodes (tapeworms), – tapeworm, Echinococcus, various cepni;
  • trematodes (flat worms) – and the Siberian liver Fluke;
  • protozoan parasites – Giardia.

Most often, worms in baby up to 2 years are because of elevated curiosity children at this age all taste, is an infection of pinworms and ascarids. Cestodes and trematodes ingested with undercooked meat and fish, dirty water from water bodies – these parasites are rarely infected children up to 5 years.

The main causes of infection of worms in children – inadequate immune and digestive system, failure to comply with hygienic rules.

If a woman during pregnancy suffered worm infestation, the parasites can be in newborns. At this age to understand that the child is suffering from worms, it is difficult, the symptoms appear later. Worms have a one year old child appear due to contact with infected adults, Pets, after eating poorly washed vegetables or fruits.

Signs of worms in a child

Worm infestation can occur without pronounced clinical symptoms. So parents for a long time may not recognize worms, I don’t understand why the baby has changed behavior, he lost his appetite, he was often ill.

How to identify worms in children:

  • increased salivation;
  • frequent complaints of nausea, pain near the navel or under the right ribs;
  • change in appetite increase or decrease;
  • lingering cough, appearance of sputum blood impurities;
  • failures in bowel habits – diarrhea with watery diarrhea, prolonged constipation, flatulence.

Infected with worms the child can become overly whiny and cranky, or apathetic. These children quickly get tired, often Wake up at night, the skin becomes pale, under the eyes occur dark circles.

All these features can indirectly indicate the presence of parasites. But the main symptom that allows us to learn about the infection is itching near the anus, the presence of parasites in the stool.

Worms often appear in a variety of dermatological problems and allergic reactions. If helminthic infection may be symptoms of colds, intestinal disorders, therefore, to understand that the child in the body has got the parasites that can be difficult. Helminth infection dangerous for kids. Prolonged infestation causes severe intoxication, a headache and low-grade fever.

Can begin the physical and psychological gap. The worms absorb all the nutrients in the human body, begins to develop beriberi, anemia. With the defeat of extraintestinal parasites can cause vision problems, bleeding, inflammation. Often on the background of helminthic infestation occur pathological changes in the liver, gall bladder, sometimes the parasites affect the brain and lungs of the child.

Diagnostic methods

To reliably know whether the child has worms in the body, it is possible only with the help of modern diagnostic methods. If you suspect an infestation, you need to visit a therapist and the doctor-parasitologist.

In children, a history which is transferred worm infestation, it is often a false positive Mantoux test.

What diagnostic methods will help to recognize that the child may be worms:

  • stool tests – in some types of worm infestation is ineffective, it can be used to detect worms only during the breeding season;
  • clinical analysis of blood – in the presence of parasites observed eosinophilia in conjunction with reduced level of hemoglobin, high erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • duodenal sensing is carried out if you suspect the presence of hepatic parasites in a child older than 3 years;
  • IFA is one of the most informative types of diagnostics allows to detect the presence of antibodies to the worms.

On the basis of one type of examination to determine the presence of parasites is not significantly to know about worm infestation is possible only after receiving the results of all the tests, collection of medical history.

Traditional methods of treatment

After diagnosis and confirmation of the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes anti-parasitic drugs. Modern means to effectively destroy the worms, but have high toxicity.

Important! Use only the methods of alternative medicine, to self-medicate for worm infestations in children prohibited.

Means parasites the doctor selects based on the type of worms discovered, the age of the child.

Effective drugs:

  • when nematode – Pyrantel in suspension is used to treat children 6 months Piperazine;
  • to combat cestodes – Niclosamide;
  • from trematode – Hloksila.

There are drugs with broad spectrum of action, their use for the treatment of mixed infestations, prevention of infection – Worm Mebendazole, Albendazole. In addition to antiparasitic drugs must be taken sorbents, means to restore the normal intestinal flora, antihistamines, and vitamin complexes. Some medicines against worms are produced in the form of drops or suspensions, such method of production is preferable for the child’s care, because they have a more mild effect. Candles from the parasites do not penetrate into the blood, act directly in the intestine, are composed of plant components – Germanica, Prostate.


The who recommends drug therapy to all children who attend preschool every 6 months. Adhere to these recommendations or not – it is every parent myself. But if a child manifests all the signs of infection, but the test results negative – a medication to prevent need.

The basis of effective preventive measures is the strict observance of hygiene rules. Parents from an early age should teach children to wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Not to bring dirty hands to the face, pull in a mouth toys, eating poorly washed vegetables and fruits. To contact with stray animals is not desirable, after playing with Pets always wash your hands. Parents need to get rid of cockroaches and flies in the house to protect the baby from insect bites, to hold regular antiparasitic treatment of Pets.

Worms the child can appear for different reasons. The task of parents – to protect children from sources of infection, to carry out preventive measures and diagnostics. If the child has worms, you must strictly adhere to all instructions of the attending physician. Ignoring the problem or self-medication may be the culprit of complications and occurrence of comorbidities.

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