Evidence for the presence of worms in the body

Dry statistics says that half of the population – are carriers of worms-parasites. Currently scientists consider them more than 200 species. People live for years without paying attention to the symptoms and unaware that you have uninvited “guests”.

But more often it happens the opposite: the body, weakened by the presence of parasites becomes an easy target for various diseases, up to cancer. Some of the worms are removed with the help of medicine, but there were also those, rid which only surgically.

Types of parasites and ways of infection

In order to fight the enemy must know in person. What are parasites in the human body and where exactly should they look for?

  1. 1. Most common is roundworms. These include pinworms, Ascaris, Toxocara, vlasoglav, thorny-headed worms. Live in the digestive system of people. The infection occurs when eating unwashed vegetables, fruit, greens. While washing any products, even from his garden. It can also get worms, eating salted fish, bacon and undercooked meat. At risk are those who have Pets – cats and dogs. Some parasites do not multiply in the body of animals, but the latter are active vectors.
  2. 2. Band – pork and bovine capni, Echinococcus, a tapeworm. This is the most major representatives of the worms – tapeworm, for example, up to 25 m in length. They have the unique ability to feed the entire body. In addition, they can move throughout the human body, including the brain and spinal cord. Worms of this class are infected by eating undercooked fish and meat – a source of delicious food may be a sick individual. You should purchase products which have undergone strict veterinary control.
  3. 3. Subcutaneous – dirofilaria, threadlike nematode, Guinea worm. Multiply in the subcutaneous tissue of the host. The most prevalent parasites of this type received in the tropical countries – India, Iraq, Africa. Rabies blood-sucking insects – mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs. Its main symptom is a small education, which when clicking on it moves.
  4. 4. Trematodes (flukes) – Fasciola (liver Fluke), Schistosoma, fasciolopsis. Inhabit the liver, bile duct, pancreas, intestinal tract. The cause of the infection becomes half-baked, poorly salted or undercooked fish. Drinking boiled water also contributes to the acquisition of parasites.
  5. 5. Tissue – Trypanosoma, the Finns live in the brain and spinal cord, sarcosporidian in striated muscles, and microsporidia in connective tissues. This class resides in different tissues of the body. Basically the carriers are wild and domestic animals and birds – horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats. Through poorly cooked meat, the parasites make their way into the human body.
The symptoms of infection

It is not always possible to easily determine that the body settled. The infected person is capable of for several years and not know them. Very often, the signs of the presence of parasites are very similar to symptoms of certain diseases. There is a whole list of signals that the body emits when in danger:

1. anaemia – excessive amount of simple to provoke large hemorrhage, which is the cause of iron deficiency;

2. nausea, abdominal pain worms irritate and damage the walls of internal organs, resulting in formation of wounds, cracks and inflammation;

3. alternating constipation and diarrhea – the first symptom is caused by a large amount or excessive size of parasites in the body, which contributes to blockage of the lumen of the intestine. The diarrhoea protozoan provoke allocated a special substance that can destroy chlorides and sodium;

4. flatulence (excessive gas) and bloating are the result of inflammatory processes in the digestive tract, damaged by worms. Because of this, in the small intestine occurs absorption of fat, which are thick;

5. bruxism (grinding of teeth) – a clear sign of infection. So the nervous system reacts to a certain stimulus;

6. skin problems – flaking, acne, boils, eczema, papillomas, warts, changes in the structure of hair and nails, allergies. These symptoms arise from the fact that protozoa excrete a lot of toxins, removal of which the liver can not cope. Accordingly, they accumulate inside of a person. The body tries to get rid of this filth in any way, including bringing it through the skin;

7. a sharp decrease or increase in weight due to absorption of nutrients by the worms, the human body feels the lack of them, which leads to weight reduction; the same set of weight is due to drop in blood sugar, which increases hunger, which the patient is forced to constantly satisfy;

8. aching joints and muscles is due to the movement of parasites in the body and justification in the muscles and joint fluid. This sign tells about the inflammation of tissues;

9. the deterioration of the immune system, why there’s a continual difficult to diagnose disease. The fact is the struggle of the human immune system with worms. When the symptom amount of IgE decreases and the body becomes vulnerable to virus attacks and infections;

10. frequent cough, abundant sputum, runny nose, fever are due to the fact that in the process of migrating the worms get into the Airways. Parasites in the body can trigger the development of asthma and pneumonia;

11. fatigue, nervousness, irritability due to the fact that the worms consume the necessary human nutrients that the body loses magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron etc.;

12. when pinworm infection these symptoms of parasites added severe itching in the anus. This is due to the fact that female pinworms to the night crawl out to lay eggs that can sometimes cause intolerable pain.

Access to a doctor

If the above symptoms in a person are detected at least 3-4, as soon as possible need to see a doctor and get treatment.

In such cases, refer to the following specialists:

  • parasitologist;
  • helminthology;
  • infectious disease;
  • pediatrician;
  • therapist.

A specialist will give a direction on analyses and their results will choose the best therapy. Depending on the symptoms and treatment should be appropriate. Only one study is unlikely to give an accurate answer about the presence or absence of parasites. Tests for some types of worms pass 7-8 times.

One important caveat: if the infection is confirmed, treating and preventing parasites, all the family members. Most protozoa are quickly spread by household: dishes, household items.

Cause of treatment to the doctor will provide the following:

  • recent return from a trip abroad, particularly from African or Asian countries.
  • the presence in the feces of various admixtures of mucus, blood;
  • sudden weight loss;
  • itching near the anus;
  • persistent diarrhoea or alternating constipation with diarrhea;
  • frequent colds or other illnesses.

At risk are fans of dried and undercooked meat, raw meat, fresh fish. This includes children of preschool and younger school age, pet owners, employees veterinary clinics and those in professional or other activities often runs with the land. For example, gardeners.

For prevention of infection of parasitic worms it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • wash hands frequently, especially children and adults after contact with animals;
  • exterminate household insects – flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches;
  • thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, preferably with warm boiled water.
Medical treatment

For pest control presents a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs. Wishing to get a good result in the fight against the internal enemy, one must know against whom the war is going. It turns out it is only after doctor visits and tests.

Of course, there are medications that can successfully treat multiple types of worms. However, they kill not only parasites, but also useful microflora of humans. After taking the course will be held restorative therapy.

1. Vermoxum.

Its action consists in suppressing the parasites in the human intestine the process of absorption of glucose, causing them to die. This tool is used in a mixed infestation, detection of the patient several different types of worms. They treat ascariasis, enterobiasis, trihozefalez, taeniasis. After a time the drug is completely excreted from the body, has a pathological effect on human health he has not.

2. Albendazole.

It has a broad spectrum of activity and is assigned when mixed helminthiasis. To treat pinworms, echinococcosis, giardiasis, gnathostomes, ascariasis, strongyloidiasis, neirotsistizerkoz. But has many side effects: dizziness, fever, increased blood pressure, skin rashes and other allergic reactions, alopecia (baldness).

3. Dekaris.

Antihistamines also possess immunomodulating properties. Able cure ascariasis, necatorosis. Treatment is single dose of 1 tablet. To strengthen the result, use the tool again in 1-2 weeks. On the day of taking the drug should not drink alcohol.

In any case can not be treated independently. All antihistamines are synthetic drugs that can have toxic effects on the liver, blood cells and immune system. For this reason, do not use them without medical advice. Prevention is better to use folk recipes for the treatment of worms in humans.

Folk remedies

Even if the symptoms of parasites are absent, once a year carry out prevention. Long known that worms can not tolerate scented herbs and plants: onions, garlic, tansy, wormwood. The oldest known remedy for worms are pumpkin seeds. Enough in any pharmacy or store to buy the packaging of this product, carefully cleaned (but not to remove the green shell) to eat.

There are many popular ways of getting rid of worms.

Here are the most common of them:

  1. 1. spring and summer eat on an empty stomach a few leaves of sorrel;
  2. 2. the winter is very good to take baths with infusion of anise. This substance easily penetrates into the body through the pores of the skin. And since it has a strong odor, parasites cannot tolerate it;
  3. 3. a remedy that can afford everything, even pregnant and nursing women pumpkin seeds;
  4. 4. 200 ml pour 2 tbsp. l. oak bark. Insist in a closed thermos so the water better be filled with sweet smells;
  5. 5. 1 tbsp. of tansy flowers pour a glass of boiling water, then insist under the lid for 4 hours. After that filter and drink 1 tablespoon 4 times a day for half an hour before meals;
  6. 6. mix 150 ml of alcohol and 1 tablespoon of wormwood. The mixture insist 2 weeks, then take 20 drops 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Do not be ashamed and to neglect the problem of helminth infection. If you see a specialist at the first signs of the disease and treatment – you can avoid numerous diseases. After getting rid of parasites observe elementary rules of hygiene and worms will never be able to appear in the body. It’s easier to prevent disease than it is long and painful to treat.

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