Treatment of symphysitis during pregnancy

Symphysitis during pregnancy is the most common disease in which softening of the hip bones occurs. Thanks to this softening, the child may be born, but if this process begins ahead of time and brings pain during movement and squats, you should immediately contact your doctor. With the natural process of softening and stretching of the pelvic bones, there is a certain limit and if its norm is exceeded, then in this case a diagnosis of symphysitis is made.


Medicine cannot answer unambiguously why this disease manifests itself, but they are inclined to believe that the cause of symphysitis in pregnant women is a lack of calcium in the body. Also, changes at the hormonal level contribute to this – the release of the hormone relaxin, which is formed during the gestation of the child.

Relaxin softens bone tissue, therefore, stretching of the pubic joint occurs. There is an opinion that the development of symphysitis during pregnancy is influenced by a hereditary factor and problems before pregnancy with the musculoskeletal system.


Symphysitis during pregnancy is detected at a fairly late period and has characteristic symptoms:

  • Puffiness in the pubic area;
  • Pain and clicks when pressing the pubic bone;
  • Pain in the hip and groin;
  • Sharp pain when squatting, bending, getting out of bed and moving the body;
  • Obvious discomfort when moving;
  • Heaviness when climbing stairs;
  • Difficulty raising legs in a straightened state while lying down.

If the aggravation and development of the disease occurs, pain sensations increase significantly, they become more noticeable and appear even in a calm position of the body – sitting or lying down.

Due to the fact that x-ray irradiation is contraindicated for pregnant women, doctors perform an ultrasound scan, as it is completely harmless to the mother and the unborn child.

Based on the study and all the symptoms, the doctor makes a diagnosis – symphysiopathy. Untimely contacting your doctor may lead to complications, severe pain and changes in the femoral-sacral joints.


It is very difficult to cope with the disease during pregnancy, so doctors prescribe a whole complex of vitamins containing calcium and offer a special menu that also contains a large number of calcium-containing trace elements.

You need to know that taking drugs is prohibited in the last months of pregnancy, as they can lead to complications. Strengthening softened bone tissue can significantly worsen the process of childbirth, the child’s skull also becomes more durable and solid, which will complicate the natural birth.

In addition, pregnant women with a disease of symphysitis need a bandage, when worn, physical activity and stress should be minimized. Using a bandage, you need to perform a series of simple exercises that your doctor will advise and show you. Such exercises must be performed twice a day in order to lower the pain threshold.

Caesarean section for symphysitis

When establishing a diagnosis of symphysitis, doctors determine the severity of the disease and send the pregnant woman to a second ultrasound. A referral to a caesarean section is issued in order to prevent tears and a long rehabilitation during natural birth.

Delivery in a natural way is possible provided that the expansion of the pubic gap does not exceed 10 millimeters and the size of the fetus is not large.

After a natural birth, the disease goes away by itself and does not make itself felt, pain and discomfort disappear when the body position is changed.

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