Simple and effective lung delivery methods

With the approaching moment of birth, almost every woman begins to experience any fears, worries about this. To some extent, they are justified, since the process itself, especially for the first time, takes quite a long time and is painful.

Many future mothers are thinking about how to prepare themselves and their body to easily give birth. In order to prepare for childbirth, you need to know a few simple ways to help them get through easier.

Keeping fit

The process of childbirth causes an abundant release of hormones, which adds strength to a young mother. However, despite this, the woman in labor must properly prepare her body for the upcoming birth process. The main load is perceived by the muscles of the abdominal cavity and birth canal. And if they went through a good training, the birth can be easy and go quickly. In addition, when sharp contractions occur, a cervical rupture may occur, and if the muscles are properly prepared, this can be avoided.

There are some exercises that can help strengthen your abdominal, abdominal, and pelvic muscles. Before the exercises, a warm-up is necessary to prepare the joints and muscles for the upcoming actions.

The most favorable load can be considered light fitness and water exercises. You can turn to some coach who can find a whole range of exercises that helps the expectant mother to always be in shape.

Long-term physical exertion does not affect the body of a pregnant woman in the best way, even with good health – a measure is always needed in everything. This is the key to easy delivery. In addition, severe pain may appear, and the child may be at risk.

Crotch massage

The birth canal muscles begin to experience greater stress with the onset of the second stage of labor. Therefore, preparing them for this is still during pregnancy.

According to experts, massage in the perineum should be performed under certain conditions:

  • this procedure should be carried out regularly;
  • massage with clean hands with trimmed nails;
  • for massage use only sterile oils;
  • if the skin is too sensitive, then massage with medical gloves.

Before starting the massage, you must visit the toilet, and then take a shower. As for oil, you can use pink, olive, chamomile. Wheat germ oil is also suitable.

You can start the massage at any stage of pregnancy, over time reducing the break between sessions. Until 28 weeks, the interval should be from 7 to 10 days. Further, up to 32 weeks, the break is already less: 5-7 days; up to 36 weeks: 3-5 days; Until 38 weeks, massage is done every other day, and starting from 38 weeks it must be done daily.

Massage can be done independently or you can involve your spouse in this process. In later pregnancy, a woman is simply not able to massage, so the help of her husband in this case is even necessary. For a comfortable massage, you should take a comfortable pose: lie on your back, put a small pillow under the lower back, if the husband will massage, it is better to take a half-sitting position.

Before the massage, it is worth watering the fingers with plenty of oil, repeat if necessary, but do not dip them in the container to avoid oil contamination and infection. To begin, lubricate the perineal skin with oil. Then, slowly, one finger (thumb or index finger) is inserted into the vagina to a small depth (3-4 cm) to press on the back wall and to the sides, as if stretching the birth canal until a feeling of tension and tingling occurs. In this position, you need to hold for 45-60 seconds and release.

Perform these actions from 5 to 7 minutes. After that, the technique is replaced by rhythmic movements in the vagina with acceleration and deceleration, passing to the perineum. To make movements is gentle and at the same time a little intense. Duration is 3 minutes. After the massage, a warm heating pad is applied to the perineum to enhance the effect of the massage and to soften the tissues. If a woman has this first birth, or she is engaged in active sports, then movements need to be performed more intensively.

With all the positive properties of massage, there are some contraindications. It is not recommended to do it in the presence of any infectious disease. Also, massage is contraindicated in case of skin disease and fever with the threat of miscarriage.

Psychological attitude

However, in addition to physical fitness, you should moralize yourself. Expectant mother will not hurt to sign up for special courses in preparation for childbirth. In most cases, a pregnant woman is afraid of pain and unforeseen circumstances during the birth itself. At any hospital, doctors and obstetricians will always give advice on what needs to be done to reduce pain.

Therefore, it is very important to obey them and follow all their instructions. At the same time, the mother should not focus on her pain, but rather concentrate all her attention on her child, who also has a hard time.

Equally important is the support and advice of loved ones. In some cases, in the presence of a loved one, a woman gives birth.

Go around the pain side

By and large, the correct physical and psychological preparation can significantly reduce pain.

In order to significantly reduce pain, there are two methods:

  1. natural;
  2. medication.
Natural technique

Natural methods for relieving pain are the most effective and safest.

They may consist of:

  • Massage
  • water procedures;
  • relaxation
  • warm and cold compresses;
  • homeopathy;
  • aromatherapy.

Other natural methods can be used for pain relief.

Medication technique

This method is used when natural methods do not help.

Medical anesthesia can be of several types:

  • epidural anesthesia;
  • injection of promedol;
  • infiltration local anesthesia;
  • general anesthesia.

As for the latter method, general anesthesia is done only in the most emergency situations, for cesarean section surgery and for other surgical interventions.

It is worth remembering that easy labor without pain is possible if you prepare in advance for this process. Therefore, try not to indulge in fear, but tune in to a positive outcome in childbirth.

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