Crib selection

Whatever the material, all the elements of the product must be perfectly manufactured and not leave gaps between themselves. The crib should be from trusted and reliable manufacturers, because the most expensive thing is placed in it – a child.

Cribs for children according to their design features are divided into several types:

  • rocking chair;
  • transformer;
  • playpen;
  • on wheels;
  • house;
  • attached;
  • pendulum;
  • module from the crib and changing table.

Sizes of a crib: berth 120 x 60 cm; side walls – 95 cm. Height from floor to mattress – 50 cm, according to GOST, adopted in the CIS countries.

Children’s furniture material:

  1. Natural wood. This is the best option for a child. In this case, the product should not be varnished or painted. After all, the child during teething will gnaw everything. Therefore, chemicals must not enter the child’s body.
  2. Particleboard, MDF, as well as a combination of these materials with natural wood. This is the most common option, as it combines the optimal balance of price and quality. However, for children’s furniture, the class of material should be clarified with the manufacturer: it should not be higher than E1. This class is equivalent to a material consisting of 100% particleboard.
  3. Plastic and metal. This is not the best option for the baby, however, plastic models have a fancy and exclusive design. The fact is that plastic and metal are plastic, which means that they can take any form for manufacturing.
Transformer multifunctional bed

A transformer is a design that combines a crib, a changing table, a chest of drawers and shelves for toys. This option is for practical parents. After all, this module is multifunctional and occupies a minimum of space in the apartment.

Some elements can be removed, moved apart, converted. For example, a model consisting of a cradle, a changing table and other elements can be easily converted into a crib for a teenager. And if you remove all the shelves and additional drawers, the design will turn into a comfortable sofa.

This option is not only rational, but also very economical. After all, parents do not need to think that after 6 years they should buy a new berth for their child. The child grows and his bed transforms with it!

A very popular version of the transformer is a round crib.

It is made of thin plastic rods that do not create sharp corners, thereby increasing their safety. This design has smooth bends, it is elegant and stylish. But its main advantage is that it can easily be transformed into an oval crib, where an older child can fit.

It happens like this: from a multifunctional design, they first assemble a small round crib for the newborn and a separate changing table. As the baby grows, the changing table goes out of use, and the round bed is small. Therefore, these two products are combined and get an oval bed.

The transformer can also be converted into an arena, sofa, chairs, table.

A kind of transformer is a playpen. This design combines the functions of a berth and arena. It has two tiers: removable upper – for newborns; lower – for children from 6 months.

The design includes:

  • metal frame that is easy to disassemble;
  • fabric cover;
  • mattress;
  • changing table;
  • hanging toys;
  • pockets for children’s things.

This design is easy to disassemble and convert. It is also easy to transport and take with you, as it has convenient wheels. Manege design is the calm of mom. In it, the mother without fear can leave the child and go away on her own business.

Swingable crib

A rocking cot is a sleeping place that can be rocked with the help of runners – bent arches at the base. Arcs connect the legs together. There are two options for the location of arcs: longitudinal and transverse. With the help of bent runners, parents can easily swing the crib.

Some designs are equipped with wheels, which allows the rocking chair to move easily. At the same time, these wheels can serve as a brake for motion sickness, so that an older child does not swing independently. The latch is needed in the rocking chair, because after 7 months the baby is no longer recommended to swing – he falls asleep himself.

The loss of the baby from such a crib is excluded, since the shape of the runners will not allow this to happen.

A cot with a pendulum is a design with an integrated mechanism. Using the remote control, you can control the mechanism from a distance, setting the amplitude of motion sickness and duration.

The pendulum has a bulky design. If the mechanism breaks, then the whole bed creaks. Pendulums also have a latch that blocks the child’s self-swaying. In addition, motion sickness in a pendulum bed is considered less harmful than in a rocking chair.

Rules for choosing a rocking chair:

  • lack of sharp jerks when swinging;
  • no creaking and other sounds;
  • the presence of a locking element.
Crib – for children up to six months

The cradle is intended for the baby from 0 to 6 months. This design is equipped with such elements that allow the sleeper to swing. This is a convenient option for a newborn, in such a cradle it can easily be rocked and reassured.

To make the child as surrounded as possible by warmth and comfort, the cradle upholstery is made of natural hypoallergenic materials that easily allow air and moisture to pass through. Willow vine is the most suitable material for the cradle.

This bed itself is small in size, as it is designed for the smallest. The baby should remain feeling the warmth of her mother’s tummy, where he will feel safe.

Some cradles are equipped with wheels that make it easy to move the crib around the room. As a rule, the cradle is sold with a canopy and bedding. And the most expensive models even have a built-in music system that allows the baby to fall asleep without any problems.

Extra bed – for children up to 3 years

This design is a classic crib, in which the side panel is removable. This is a great option for a newborn and nursing mother. The cot without a side wall moves close to the mother’s bed. Such proximity is very important for the baby in the first months of life.

This allows the mother to keep in touch with the newborn all the time: without getting up at night to breastfeed her baby. Thus, the baby sleeps with his mother, but at the same time in his bed. This moment is very important, as many mothers make a big mistake when taking a baby to their bed. Indeed, in a dream a woman can accidentally crush a small body. And so that this does not happen, the child from the first days should sleep in its place.

Such beds are made in standard sizes so that the child can sleep in them up to 3 years. After 6 months, as a rule, the side panel is put in place, and the bed is moved apart from the parent’s bed.

Crib-house – for children from 1 to 7 years

The design of the house is a modular system, which is distinguished by its original appearance and multifunctionality. It is intended for children from 1 to 7 years.

A distinctive feature of the houses is the presence of two tiers. The first tier is for games, and the top for sleep. The design is equipped with additional game elements: a ladder, a slide, a rope, shelves for toys, gymnastic rings, a Swedish wall.

The module is securely attached to the wall. Reliability of the design is ensured by a rigid metal frame. The product itself must be made of wood.

Cribs for girls are decorated with carved windows, the presence of cute decors in the form of butterflies and flowers.

Cots for boys can have a design of sea cabins with appropriate elements. The variety of design is so great that any buyer can find a suitable option that will fit into the interior.

The crib house is very popular. It combines a sleeping place, a playing area, as well as sports equipment. This is important for preschool children, because with the help of the game the baby is actively developing and growing!

Baby crib sets

So, when the crib is selected, it remains to buy a set of bed linen, as well as other devices for the baby:

  • canopy;
  • Mobile
  • sides;
  • mattress.
Side cushions for crib

The sides of the crib for newborns are bought in order to protect the baby from possible loss, as well as from drafts and cold. The sides of the soft fabric in pleasant colors create a feeling of comfort for the child. The beads soften the blows that the baby can get when trying to stand up.

Sides-pillows in the crib should be bought with a filler of the following materials:

  • synthetic winterizer;
  • holofiber;
  • struttofiber.

These materials do not cause an allergy in a child, and also have antibacterial properties. These fillers are soft, plastic, but at the same time durable and easily restore shape. These are the only synthetic materials that should be present on the bed.

The bedding and covers of the sides should be chosen only from natural fabrics: calico, satin, cotton. After all, these materials will be in direct contact with the baby’s delicate skin almost round the clock. Therefore, bedding should be high quality.

Satin is a type of cotton fabric. It is smooth as silk, but at the same time dense and durable. At the same time, satin is very thin and pleasant to the touch.

Coarse calico is also from the category of cotton fabrics. Coarse calico is very soft and gentle, but shines less. Coarse calico is cheaper than satin, but by hygienic standards is not inferior to it. Calico is the best option for baby bedding.

Canopy – air curtains in the crib

The canopy on the crib is an air curtain that performs the aesthetic function of designing a child’s place. The canopy is an incredibly beautiful thing that creates an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, pleasure.

Many parents doubt the feasibility of a canopy, considering it a dust collector and an unnecessary element. However, the canopy not only adorns the cradle, but also protects the baby from direct sunlight. The canopy is made of thin materials that easily allow air to pass through: silk, chiffon, organza, tulle.

Mobile – a set of hanging toys

A mobile bed for babies is a set of hanging toys that amuse the baby and also contribute to its development.

The mobile performs very important functions:

  • concentration of attention;
  • study of shapes and colors;
  • vision development;
  • determination of the distance to the desired subject;
  • thinking about a hanging toy.

Mobile is electric and mechanical. It depends on the way the carousel rotates. For example, if you start a mechanical mobile, it will rotate for several minutes with one melody.

An electric powered mobile can spin for up to 30 minutes, and melodies can be switched or set independently. Thus, the mother can calmly be distracted by her affairs, while the mobile will “entertain” the baby. Some models are equipped with a remote control, which makes it easy for mothers to use toys.

Blanket and crib mattress

The mattress must meet the following requirements:

  • right size;
  • safety;
  • orthopedic properties.

The mattress in the crib for newborns should match the sleeping place. Standard sizes: 120×60 cm. But due to the wide variety of cribs, there are mattresses of various shapes and sizes.

The filler of the mattress should have hypoallergenic properties. This does not necessarily require natural materials. For example, wool can cause allergies.

The mattress must have a removable cover. All seams, fasteners, buttons must be securely hidden so as not to cause injury to the body.

The mattress should be orthopedic so as not to provoke a curvature of the spine. It should be moderately tough, but at the same time create comfort during sleep.

The blanket should be warm, light and hypoallergenic. The blanket should “breathe” so as not to cause overheating of the child’s body, and should also retain heat well in the cold season. The best option would be a sheep’s blanket. This material promotes air circulation, reduces muscle tone, and also improves blood circulation.

Regarding the pillow, it is not needed for the baby: the spine must form correctly.

A folded flannel diaper is usually placed under the head. Only after 1 year the baby in the crib can put a small flat pillow with hypoallergenic filler. For this, swan fluff is best suited.

The main criteria for choosing a cradle

Baby Cradle Requirements:

  1. Eco-friendly material. Many parents seek for their crumbs to purchase a bed of natural wood. However, many manufacturers cover the product with varnishes and paints to make it last longer. Therefore, you should ask the seller about the coating or choose a bed made of quality plastic.
  2. The bottom and side panels should not be solid so as not to restrict the movement of air.
  3. Sustainability. The whole structure must maintain balance even during the wake of the baby.
  4. No sharp corners. The design should be smooth bends without nicks and protrusions. Regarding wooden furniture, all details must be perfectly polished so that the baby does not drive a splinter. Also in the field of view of the baby should not be any latches and latches.
  5. The bars on the side panels should not be in small steps so that the limb does not get stuck between them. Also, the distance between the rods should not be large so that the crumbs do not come out of the bed.
  6. The presence of a removable side wall. An extra bed will greatly facilitate the life of mother and baby during breastfeeding.
  7. Bottom level adjustment. For example, a newborn can be placed one level higher so that mom can comfortably bend over. When the child grows up and tries to get up, the bottom should be lowered.

A baby cradle is more than a berth. The first months of a baby’s life there are all day long. Therefore, the bed should not only be beautiful, but also give the baby comfort, warmth and security.

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