Can you get back to normal life after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Dr. Robert Citronberg, Advocate Aurora Health Executive Medical Director of Infectious Disease and Prevention, says that while the vaccine would prevent you from getting COVID-19 after you get both doses of the vaccine, it’s possible that you could still carry the virus and spread it to others.

The people on the front lines of the pandemic started getting first doses of COVID-19 vaccines this week, and the shots will be available eventually to everyone who wants one.

Once you get the shot, can you go back to so-called normal life?

That’s why you’d still need to practice good public health precautions to avoid infecting other people.

“It’s safe for you because you’ve received the vaccine, but we’ll still ask you to wear a mask and maintain social distance so that you protect others,” Dr. Citronberg said.

You can watch Dr. Citronberg and Jane Dus, Regional Chief Nursing Officer and co-leader of Advocate Aurora’s COVID vaccine strategy, answer this question and any more in the video below. They talk about vaccine myths, why the vaccines require two doses, and what you need to know about children, among many other topics.

Crisis talks over ‘faster spreading’ strain as Oxford vaccine set to be approved

Austria expects to pay out an extra €1bn in support for businesses hit by a new lockdown, according to finance minister Gernot Bluemel.

The European nation will enter its third lockdown on Boxing Day to curb the spread of coronavirus but lift it earlier for people who get tested, the government said on Friday.

The new lockdown comes 11 days after a second lockdown ended.

Bluemel said companies in November and December had made more than 120,000 requests worth €2.2bn in compensation for revenue lost as a result of the clampdown, of which around €1.8bn had already been paid out.

The scheme will be extended until the end of the year at a cost of up to €300m in direct aid.

The government is also working on a package for companies indirectly hit, while separate programmes to subsidise fixed costs and help cover losses run until the pandemic ends.

Austria will, however, let ski resorts open their lifts despite the lockdown, though provinces will have their say. Face masks must be worn inside lifts.

And a quarantine requirement will be introduced over the holiday season for almost all of Europe that appears to at least partly aim to deter visits by skiers from neighbouring countries.

The army was deploying more soldiers to help police enforce controls at the borders with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy under the new lockdown regime, it said on Saturday.

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