Can Masturbation be too much

History of sex education, if we talk about society in General, riddled with “urban legends” about Masturbation. Not so long ago as it might seem, but still quite a long time people thought that self-gratification will lead to blindness and/or hair growth on the palms, not to mention the fact that, in itself, work was considered something shameful.

Modern scientists in their research much more freely, so you are giving the issue less attention than sex. At the same time, psychologists never tire of repeating that this is a great way to understand your body that will be useful for sex life. But is it possible to overdo it with Masturbation? Understand right now.

“The concern with Masturbation is not completely unfounded. And Yes, the person may be too much solo sex,” says Refinery29 sex coach Lisa Finn (Lisa Finn). But immediately adds that people rarely cross the border. “As long as it does not interfere with your work, personal or social life, you can masturbate several times a day, not counting the ongoing problem,” explains Finn.

“It’s a great way to take care of your body, relieve stress and relax, – the expert continues. – During orgasm blood rushes to the genitals, stimulating the nerve endings, which, so arranged people send happy signals to our brain.” Studies show that regular orgasms also help keep sexual organs in good shape and train the muscles of the pelvic floor in women. The last – opportunity to make more strong and bright orgasms during sex with a partner.

“Masturbation can also be an educational effect, says new York gynecologist Alyssa Dweck (Dweck Alyssa). At least it helps to decide what is suitable and not suitable for your body what options work and don’t work”.

What about the use of sex toys in the process, which, rumor has it, may cause some to refuse sex with real people? Dr. Dweck acknowledges that in the statement there is a small rational.

According to him, if a man Masturbates a certain way and quite often, he can train your brain to achieve orgasm only if this way of stimulation. This situation, in turn, could complicate the interaction with a partner. However, the problem lies on the surface – variety. Don’t focus on one thing, and everything will be fine.

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