10 ways to create new ideas

The generation of new ideas required in business development, develop new directions, improve production efficiency. Not hurt they are in their own self-improvement, planning a drastic life change.

There are 10 ways which give you the ability to generate new ideas to achieve amazing results.

1. The idea of Alex Osborne – brainstorming

The idea is that a person puts forward an idea without thinking about how it is achievable. You need to talk about it to other people to have the opportunity to prove the conversation the benefits and advantages of solving the problem. This makes it possible, primarily to convince myself of the possibility of achieving the goal.

2. The rendering technique

In search of achieving the objectives have not used logic. The only thing required is relaxation and creating a clear image of the end result. The solution can come immediately. The exercise of visualizing every day. As a result, optimal ways to generate new ideas, will certainly find.

3. The Technique Tony Buzan

If you wish to start a new life, you need to draw her. In the center of the sheet should write the key word, around the place the pictures the main elements of the future life. This poster must be permanently in sight. This option will allow you to constantly remember your goal, to clearly present it.

4. The method of arbitrary associations

You must select the object to new ideas, record on the sheet the key phrase. Then recorded the definitions of Association, arbitrary chains associated with it. Analysis of the obtained records yields the possibility in a chaotic jumble of words and phrases to find the right way to achieve the goal.

5. Method Charles Whiting

If you want to find a creative solution, choose a path that will lead to the final result, thanks to new ways of thinking, the search technique of focal objects will play an important role. To do this, by the way-definition, ideas are transferred random objects. Then stand out their characteristic properties. They are transferred to the focal object, are selected effective ideas of associations.

6. Method Of Fritz Zvika

The object of attention is considered in the analysis according to the morphological principle is divided into several components. Each of them is analyzed separately, are selected ways to achieve it. Then select the common solution.

7. The technique of the game of “Prove the impossible”

Is a simple game. For example, you want to sell sand in the Sahara desert or ice in winter on the coast of the Arctic ocean. Despite the apparent futility of the exercise, it teaches you to find creative solutions for any impossible tasks.

8. Proper search ideas

There is no need to look for something that has long been established. Perhaps it is enough to consider carefully existing ideas, choose the one that will be suitable to solve this problem.

9. The”trap” of ideas

All of us have to face the fact that a sudden thoughts are a great solution, but in everyday life we forget about them. Therefore, all ideas that come to mind during the day, you need to write in a diary or tape recorder. This gives you the opportunity to highlight the most interesting, important options.

10. The analysis of the advantages

You must analyze their strengths, to be able to set goals, to achieve a perfect result.

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