What to order on a first date to impress a woman

Speaking about my perfect date, psychologists agree that the most important thing in this matter – to each other really liked. Then, experts believe, even if all does go as planned, you will have very warm, albeit slightly confused, memories. But is it possible to improve the chances of success on a first date – that’s the question.

We already told you how scientists are advised to behave on a first date to guarantee a second. And now tell you, a selection of which dishes, if you meet in a cafe or restaurant, in their modest opinion research, increases the romantic interest of women and, as a result, the chance men for success.

Despite the fact that curry, soup Pho with hot sauce or gazpacho – not the most obvious food for a first date, the researchers claim that they should bet on. According to a study conducted at the State University of St. cloud (St. Cloud State University), women who prefer spicy food, others consider men more attractive. And they are the same, the researchers suggest, more intent on continued communication with new friends in a romantic or sexual context.

A deeper analysis of the data allowed to say that, perhaps, it is because spicy food is often described by people as “hot” and “Sizzling”. These descriptions, well-established in the brain in conjunction with food, we often use in trying to describe a sexy person. The study’s lead author Jenny Miska (Miska Jenni) adds that in this case, the “blame” can be embodied cognition – theory, which assumes that sensations (the physical body) are strongly associated with thoughts (mind).

“We have found that spicy foods increase the romantic interest of a woman, and subjective rating of physical attractiveness, write the researchers in Psi Chi. Thus, the results support the assumption that sensory experience (in this case, taste) can affect the cognitive process, perception and self-presentation”.

In the study, reports the Daily Mail, was attended by 87 women who were offered a sweet (cookies), spicy (with jalapeno chips) or “average” (chips with salt and dill) snack. Then they were asked to rate the faces of random men on the street on a scale of attractiveness from 1 to 9. As a result, those of the participants who ate spicy food, appreciated men on average 4.46 points, which was 21% higher than in the “sweet” group.

If we compare those who like sharp little with the other two groups, in General, they were 28% more romantically interested.

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