If the child fell

Love is a wonderful feeling, it is normal for people, suddenly causing panic among parents whose child announces its first love. Needless to say how necessary it was in this period of parental attention to what else you need to pay attention?

Let’s talk.

All parent arguments about “too early” makes no sense: first love never asks the time, it happens when it should. Do not be surprised that even preschoolers may like the girl from the group. Rejoice that the child with typical of this age of immediacy indicates this. Listen and take this seriously: the child trusts you with their feelings, he shouldn’t feel embarrassed.

Love schoolboys, especially elementary grades, only to be met with ridicule among peers, so listen to your child, look for ways to solve its problems, depending on what he wants for himself. The love-friendship of this age should form the child a correct idea about the relationship, rely on their own experience and support your child, it is very important.

For parents who fear the “consequences”, the problem lies in them themselves. About the problems of sex education – the conversation should be carried out in time, gradually, explaining to the child what he can understand.

When a teenager says that in love, do not worry in vain: trust your child, just trust that he’s capable of immaculate feelings, he did not impose the idea of their own recklessness, and certainly a bad outcome. It’s also very important not to lose touch with a child during adolescence. Don’t avoid communication, to the child it is important to feel all your help, especially, if unrequited love. Remember, once you’ve passed it yourself, let the child understand that he is not alone.

A special moment – love to the idol, when photographs of the object of sighs not see the Wallpaper, and instead of gifts the child requires a ticket to the concert of your favorite band. This Platonic puppy love, if the girl is not enough time, is able to cause serious drama in the future because of these girls grow to women, hopelessly in love with married men.

Forget about expressions like “it Should be about learning to think, not about love!” The child will begin to hide their feelings from you, and you can no longer rely on the sincerity between you.

First love… What should parents do if the child fell?

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