There is a question: why favorite man smells so good

The flavors fill this world, and it is no coincidence that so much attention is given to odors. This, however, is not just about well-matched composition, which, as they said it was a perfume, complements and keeps you. But also about the natural body odor. Ask any person and he will tell you that the best boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife smell at the moment when come out of the shower.

And if the phrase in the spirit: “I still remember the fragrance of her hair,” seem to be excerpts from romantic Comedy and romance novels, you will most likely always chased away such thoughts. Because really that’s the way it is, when it comes to love.

Scientists are quite sure that it was the smell (and then the facial features, manner of speaking and the deepest knowledge of Marvel) is responsible fit two people each other or not. For this reason, women almost unerringly determine among the several shirt of his men.

Neuroscientist Jordan Gaines Lewis (Jordan Gaines Lewis) from the Gaines On Brains wrote in his blog for Psychology Today that a special smell can evoke strong emotions and memories. Anatomy of the brain does smell a perfect way of return to a happy (though sometimes unhappy) moments, reinforcing the emotional component.

The olfactory bulb, which processes smells, starts in the nose and runs along the bottom of the brain. In contrast to parts of the brain that process sound and images, the olfactory bulb has direct connection with amygdalae, and the hippocampus – areas that are closely associated with emotions and memory. That’s why the aroma of tomato leaves instantly transports us back to childhood, in the village to the grandmother, to the greenhouse, where certain already ripened bright red fruits, which were only to gather, and then eat, dipping the pulp in a wooden bowl.

According to Dr. Gaines Lewis, this may explain why some people are crazy about scents, most of which seem to be disgusting.

But back to relationships: primarily romantic or only sexual, they in each case are rife with emotions. It can be good emotions, such as love, comfort and security, and can and is not very good, such as anger and resentment. Thus, the brain appears plenty of opportunities to associate one of these emotions with a certain smell, be it your partner shampoo, detergent for clothes, which he uses, a mixture of tobacco and perfume, face cream or anything else.

If you are in a comfortable relationship, reminds Refinery29, the brain, realizing this, will be to select just the right (i.e., good) emotions can positively affect you. Oh, and then it works like a full 7 hours sleep – you smell, you get a healthy dose of the required hormones that you are absolutely happy.

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