How to avoid sexual harassment by your boss?

We all know how hard times have a woman if she becomes the object of sexual harassment by his boss.

However, some ladies dream about such developments, but we will talk not about them but about the wonderful creatures that repelled an intimate relationship with the leadership. They need quiet to work, not meeting in hotel rooms, flats or a quick sex in the office head.

This topic is extremely popular all over the world. Everywhere there are men trying to persuade them dependent on women to sex. From the standpoint of morality this is very bad, but the angels on our earth is not live, so have to be content with what we have. Therefore, employees of enterprises and offices should know the basics of proper behavior that can cool excessively loving chiefs.

We will talk not about the mastery of martial arts. Of course, they will protect from harassment, but it can cause big problems with the law. If you do not calculate the impact, the head may be in intensive care, and police, prosecutors, judges, greedy lawyers. Why are you doing this? There are more acceptable psychological methods. In most cases they help.

You came to a new job. Take the time to be active in unofficial communication. Initially, carefully take stock of employees, and especially to the leadership. Rate your new boss, try to understand his nature and preferences.

Always observe the official distance. Don’t go into close and confidential contact with others. Avoid crony relations. First, adapt the team and understand who is who.

Try to set the first day neutral-friendly relationship with the chief. Only talk about work. Not abundantly about their habits and preferences.

Do not push the guide their behavior. Pay close attention to their gestures and postures that they do not cause sexual interest. It is splayed or crossed legs, candid eyes, stroking hair, licking lips tongue, playful mood after the compliment of a leader.

Watch for gestures and facial expressions of the boss when he communicates with you. If you cause the head of the sexual interest, to see you, he can involuntarily straighten his tie, and if not, then touch the shirt collar, touch hair, legs apart, put your hands on your hips, rotate your toe in your direction. All this is done on a subconscious level and is a signal to the trained eye.

The next step could be the hand of the chief, stay on your hand longer than required under normal circumstances. Hand, of course, you need aggressively, but gently release and let go of some innocent joke. And if the head during the production of the conversation moves toward you, then move away the same distance. While pretend not to notice anything. Behave neutrally, calmly and speak only about the case.

Never take any gifts from his boss. An exception may be only bonuses, cash incentives, higher wages for good work. Everything else is from the evil one. Always remember the piece of cheese who is patiently waiting for unsuspecting mouse in a mousetrap.

If the boss is good to you, fathers, do not rush to make hasty conclusions. Maybe he does and is not going to sexually harass you, but simply manifests fatherly care. It is possible that you like his daughter, and he tries to cheer young co-worker, to support her in difficult production issues.

However, remember that people are all different. If you are in the eye brazenly offered to have sex with or make direct hints, it means that you ran into Hama. In such a situation there is only one option – termination. Leave without regret and know that in the world there are many other people.

Some statistics on harassment in the workplace:
How often do employees become the object of attention for colleagues? How far this attention comes? March 29 – April 5, 2011 research service HeadHunter conducted a survey to find out how the companies is dealing with harassment. The survey involved 1,600 site visitors hh.ru.

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