How to join a new team?

You changed jobs and went to a new team. How do I get to join him as quickly as possible? If you follow the advice of experienced personnel, the first time need a little more silent and observe what is happening. This is necessary in order to understand the situation and to define their position.

But we should not ignore the first impression. It often becomes the determining factor, and to subsequently change the view of myself can be quite difficult.

In many groups there are groups of peoplewho share common views. Such groups, usually two. Very rarely more. Representatives of each group most of the time talking to each other. They eat together, discuss the latest news that the newcomer immediately begin to “feel” on the subject of common interests.

In one of the groups you will definitely get with the times. But no need to rush. This is likely to happen by itself. But at first you should stick to neutral and not participate in conflicts of local significance.

If someone immediately starts to show you a keen interest and is committed to help, do not hurry to rejoice. Treat well-wishers to this with caution, but at the same time, be welcoming, friendly and show gratitude. After weeks, you will understand surrounding people and understand the true motives of any behavior.

Don’t hesitate to ask. Start with at least on a common routine, ask where we eat dinner. But in any case, don’t ask at first questions of a personal nature. As for direct professional duties, you do not need to build itself from a high-class specialist and brag about your accomplishments on previous work. If you really stand for something, you will appreciate it and without your words.

You should immediately Express a willingness to adhere to established regulations. If all stacked up on tea and sugar for a snack, reach for money out of his pocket. The same goes for birthdays and various holidays. If colleagues go to the dining room, and you used to bring lunch with you, the first time do as all. By the way, the dining table can be a closer bond with others.

In any case, you can not publicly Express dissatisfaction with established traditions and procedures. Pretend that you are satisfied. To change something, you first need some time to work in a team and to become his.

Others, of course, be interesting to receive information about your personal life. So tell us about yourself, so as not to give rise to various speculation and gossip. But this does not mean that you have to get up before a group and to elaborate on their biography. This should be done in a relaxed manner and casually. For example, during lunch you can mention your children, husband or wife. It will give colleagues an insight into your family situation. Tell us about the area in which you live, about the repair that was recently done in the apartment.

During operation it is necessary to clearly perform his duties. To do this, first you should become familiar with their job description. However, some companies are limited to only a General description, so the responsibilities are rather vague. In such a situation you need to immediately find out who is your direct supervisor. This will protect from those people, who love to give instructions new.

Should be firm, and refuse from routine work, you love to dump on newbies, but only if it is not specifically your job. In any situation, keep calm and friendliness. Accept help only when you have free time.

It happens that, despite all the efforts, you are unable to fit into the new team. The reason there can be very different. You took the place of the beloved employee who is unjustly dismissed or sent into retirement. On occupied the position you claimed other people, but the authorities decided to take the man from the side. Also from the beginning you may feel antipathy informal leader.

All this is unpleasant, but fixable. Over time people forget things, and get used to a new member of the team. The main thing is to save face and to work quietly, and series of days, weeks, months will do the trick. Gradually you will begin to call his own, and in a year nobody will not remember that until recently you were unloved as a newbie.

A negative attitude can trigger excessive pride and arrogance. Therefore, you need to change the model behavior. Become more simple, accessible and open. People often smile and joke. It will soon give a positive result.

But the most unpleasant – when a person gets “wrong.” Once you start, you will very quickly be convinced that this type of work is not for you. This, unfortunately, happens. You can, of course, every day repeat: “I love my job I love my job…”, but it is unlikely to help. In such a situation it is better to resign in order not to shake their nerves and not to destroy health. However, this extreme option. It is much wiser to find another activity in the same firm or organization.

Easy account for beginners in a new place of work, as they accept the band? The answers to these and other questions were received by the research service of Headhunter company. For this a survey was carried out among 5,500 respondents from all regions of Russia.
According to 20% of the respondents, in their company there is a test for beginners. Most often it is, of course, probation or internship, but sometimes the staff do a beginner strength.

Do you have tests for beginners? If so, what?

  • “Hazing has not been canceled. So test different: brains paypalat have, and run”
  • “Given the task without comments – did survived; not done -then tortured. A lot of jobs without review and strict control”
  • “My older staff are constantly put the test for newcomers, suddenly ask the question at work, then I am ashamed, if not immediately answered or not answered; and most importantly – instantly talk about the “failure” all the staff”
  • “Sometimes “throw” and pretend to just notice that a beginner doesn’t know how to do, analyze his actions. Sometimes commit to solve the issue with the notoriously difficult and at times inadequate person (vendor, customer, employee)”
  • “Creating artificial stress situations that may appear subsequently”
  • “Usually the newcomer has to go through the discontent and dislike of the team to “strangers”, the constant suspicion of the competence”
  • “The performance of additional tasks that nobody else wants to do”
  • “Please perform a Christmas paper for our team.”
  • “Brainstorming is an unknown topic for him”
  • “Hazing is passed on to them the whole routine and uninteresting work”

The level of staff turnover. Test for beginners. Adaptation courses beginners.

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