Can I hold love “under the castle”?

Today, in many cities there are places where in a hurry immediately after the wedding the couple, to hang the padlock and throw the key from him, thus forever securing mutual feelings.

Clasp, of course, only a symbol, but the desire of some young husbands or wives actually “lock” your other half within four walls is very real. How does it look?

In the new life there is no place to old friends

First of all, after the wedding, break off all contacts with former friends and girlfriends. It could be done openly, delivered an ultimatum: “either I, Or my friends!” Or another option: anyone who does not wish his “second half” someone spoke, making all the sly, under any pretext by rejecting a possible meeting, by intercepting phone conversations with friends and acquaintances, demanding the termination of correspondence even in social networks.

Leaves on the second plan the work or study

Every sane person understands that any career, any success in achieving material wealth or otherwise require such traits as sociability. About the career heights you can forget with you if there was a man trying to keep you from contact with the outside world – because they break up the family reunion. The installation will be given to the fact that above all else the interests of the family automatically fall away trips, courses, corporate parties and other events related to the work.

The circle of trust narrowed to two people

With anybody, even closest relatives, do not share their problems and especially of pleasures: all communication must be only in the family! Envious relatives – also an indicator that the spouse wants to close all the dearest interests of the second half solely on yourself.

Missing Hobbies and interests

More precisely, they can be saved only if they are shared; otherwise, someone will try to protect them from the society, will have to part with all those Hobbies, which he (or she) was before the wedding.

The purpose of such isolation?

It is clear: the less contact, the more chances to keep the family together.

  1. Husband or wife just can not someone fall in love in their environment may not appear interesting person, because there’s this very environment.
  2. At the same time, the one who organized such a family life, is always on top in every way – no competition!
  3. This artificial insulation makes a man or woman completely dependent on its second half – without it, they really “nowhere”!
Can we talk about happiness in such a family?

You can, if both spouses are by nature inclined to solitude; secluded life they did not a burden. If the “locked” hit man is bright, energetic, sociable, can hardly be considered happy. In this case, he has only two options:

  1. To change is to accept the rules of the game dictated by the spouse.
  2. To defend their interests, but it is likely to lose the family.

There is, however, another option: it is possible for life to live with someone under one roof, to withdraw in favor of him from contacts with the outside world and quietly hate your other half for that “happy to be together.” Or, even worse, to play a double game: at home to pretend that you don’t need anybody, uninteresting, and beyond to get involved, to flirt, to support companies and even openly to change.

So is it possible to keep under “lock and key” love?

You can save the relationship, it is possible to achieve recognition of all their talents, to inspire man, the idea of its indispensability, but it is hardly possible to keep the love – feeling that is meant to make people happy. Happy people generally do not limit themselves to his happiness, and, conversely, are happy to share their positive energy with all others: to give a smile, a kind word. And happy families are rarely in isolation: these people are drawn! And they, in turn, is ready to warmly welcome guests and respond to requests from acquaintances, to communicate and make friends with all those who interest them and are spiritually close.

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