Low people are more aggressive

It is considered that the low people are proud of the growth and it definitely affects their behavior. But is there a “Napoleon complex” really? And if we compensate the lack of height with aggressiveness and selfishness? Scientists say Yes. But it appears, however, not in the form in which constantly say.

A new study published by the Association of psychological Sciences of the United States (Association for Psychological Science) suggests that although people in General is difficult to call more aggressive than high, they are prone to indirect aggression. Especially in cases, when it comes to competition for resources low men with higher.

As noted in the work, previous studies have shown that tall men, it seems, can count on more of life’s bonuses. So, they usually can boast of better health indicators and higher levels of education, as well as more impressive professional status. Data analysis showed that tall men are more likely to occupy positions of power, plus, women tend to believe them more attractive.

In the new study, to analyze the ratio of low men to high, the researchers used games. First, they conducted a pilot study involving men and women. Participants were asked to answer the question, it seemed if they have ever your height is too small, and then offered to take as many coins as they want from a special box. So managed to see that “small” men always took more coins (this effect was not found for women).

In the second stage of the experiment the games were attended by males only, which is important seen each other. Here scientists have discovered that “little” men in the exchange of coins was left more to himself compared to “big” men. In particular, if the low men are kept in the Treasury an average of 14 of the 18 coins, then the highest party did it only 9 coins.

The researchers explain that the little men as the game progresses have not been more greedy or aggressive. That is what allowed them to say that low men change their behavior on a more selfish and perhaps more aggressive only in those cases when they need to protect the resources in the confrontation with more competitive physically representative of the same sex. And only when there is no likelihood of negative consequences (as in the case of the game).

Thus, someone low will never be aggressive towards you only because of the growth. But the growth, however, can make a person (in any case, man) obvious to become aggressive towards you if you are also a man, and if it feels a little small.

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