Relationship future: sexting as a new romance

In the modern world of sexting – the exchange of erotic messages – is increasingly becoming a normal part of a romantic relationship. This if you want, even new romance. But at the same time – a way to diversify the life of the couple, which imperceptibly passed from sweet confessions and/or provocative photos to messages about buying anti-dandruff shampoo (here remember Camille from “what men talk About”) and chicken drumsticks.

According to a new study on sex and technology, sexting is practiced by a greater number of pairs than is commonly believed. The NY Post reports that the hot messages with your partners exchange nearly 74% of Americans. While scientists are confident that even with small errors-this will be true for a large part of European countries.

“Sexting can bring a lot of new sexual or romantic relationship, if still you can’t have tried,” says Amanda Gesselman (Amanda Gesselman), research fellow, the Kinsey Institute (The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction) and one of the study’s authors.

To make this and other findings, researchers interviewed more than 140,000 people from 198 countries, with an emphasis on issues relating to the role of technology in the sexual life of the average couple. This allowed the researchers to say that Americans can safely be called one of the most active “sisterov” on the planet – according to this indicator, they are second only to the population of South Africa. As for nationalities, the other less prone to sexting, then they, as it turned out, should be regarded as Japanese and Koreans of middle age (of course, the survey involved only residents of South Korea).

67% of young adults around the world confessed that they from time to time “doing it” with your loved one. Scientists say the growth of interest in this case is stunning: just five years ago during a similar study on sexting as part of the relationship stated only 21% of respondents. “This is a serious increase. And it says that most people today do not see anything wrong in incorporating technology into personal lives, ” says Amanda Gesselman.

Interestingly, popular, and serious, still using good old SMS. So, 65% of respondents admitted that prefer to broadcast obscene thoughts in this way, while 38% of respondents said that at least once used for this purpose Snapchat.

The study also found out something about online Dating. Data analysis showed that a third of respondents regularly turn to Tinder to go on a date, but despite the reputation of the application, often there are looking for a real relationship (36%), not a partner for sex for one night (20%).

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