The pros and cons of a quick marriage

What is a quick marriage? This is when people tie the knot hymen after a short acquaintance. The time period can be calculated 2, 3 or 6 months. In rare cases, the lovers walking down the aisle after 3, 4 weeks mutual communication.

But it happens the other way. Loving hearts meet each other over the years, but still can not issue a formal relationship. As for the ubiquitous psychologists, their point of view a definite – the best time for amorous meetings should not exceed 12 months. After this period you need to arrange the marriage relationship. Otherwise, celibacy is either delayed indefinitely or the Union collapses.

However, let us discuss in more detail about a quick marriage, which has both pluses and minuses.

Cons of a quick marriage

Quickly, the lovers were married after a short acquaintance, but do not have a full picture of the characters to each other. While the pair is found, everything is fine. But when the couple out of the doors of the registry office, then the problems start. Everyone has their own habits, their worldview, their view of good and bad. All this is very quickly detected in together. Even such a trifle as the purchase of beautiful curtains, can end up with a clash of interests. So young, nothing remains but either to get used to each other, or diverge. Therefore, a quick marriage could end in a quick divorce.

Hasty marriages often conclude those citizens who have been abandoned. They need to improve myself, to numb the pain of loss, to show others that there is nothing wrong in their lives did not happen. Hence the desire as quickly as possible to get to the registry office who came to hand. But such relationships are unlikely to be serious and long lasting, although things happen in life.

Quick marital relationship is fraught by the fact that a man and a woman are very poorly known past each other. To tell you anything. But will such information be accurate. Who knows, maybe a beloved has recently been a professional con artist or a fan of gambling. A charming creation, from which man lost his head, has a whole bunch of unpleasant cases related to prostitution, drug abuse and theft. All these carefully hidden problems can get out of it, and then a family Paradise will turn into hell.

And, of course, truthful information about relatives. Who they are, what they do, what kind of lifestyle conduct? Often, such knowledge simply vital, but to get them in the short term love can sometimes be problematic.

Pros quick marriage

There is an opinion that first impression the right one. And if it just so happens that between a man and a woman “ran a spark”, then a quick marriage might be a good solution. In any case, you need to try. If not, then nobody will lose. And negative life experiences are no less important than the positive.

As already mentioned, if the relationship is drawn over a year, but did not officially registered, they rarely end in marriage. Therefore, it is much wiser to get married at once, than never to experience the joys of family idyll with a loved one.

A quick marriage is good in that case, if the family of the newlyweds a long time ago, familiar with each other. In one family, a daughter, another son, and parents do not mind their wedding. In such a situation, two hearts do not need long months and months getting to know each other.

In short, people should decide for themselves if they would like to walk down the aisle or wait a few years. No one has the right to tell them to give categorical advice.

It should be noted that the institution of marriage in recent decades is destroyed. This applies to developed countries. They practiced civil marriage and a lonely life. In some States it has become a daily routine, which adds a sharp decrease in the number of weddings.

Experts believe that if current trends continue, the proportion of people unmarried, will decrease over the next 15 years in half. However, marriage provide 90% of population growth. The remaining 10% are single mothers and civil unions.

There may be better to make a quick marriage and to procreate, than to live it is unclear why. However, all these questions everyone has to decide for himself.

Certificate of studies:

Spouse as a pain reliever. British psychologists have found that stroking, hugging and even the simple touch of a loved one contribute to substantial emissions of so-called hormones of joy that naturally dull pain.

Married less stress. All the working experiences and problems can help men to forget and leave behind the threshold of the family hearth, allowing married women experience much less stress than single.

Happily ever after. Scientists estimate that the bachelors on average die 7 years earlier than their married peers. Moreover, the risk of early death falls immediately at the exit from under the altar – perhaps because many men throw a bad habit, putting on the ring on her finger. Plus, married men are more likely to visit doctors (at the insistence of the spouse or care for children) and eat more healthy food.

There is no stroke. A study of tel Aviv University showed that the risk of stroke in married men at 64% less than at idle. But this is true only for a happy marriage, are discussed by scientists. Turmoil on the family front, on the contrary, increases the chances of blockade of blood vessels and subsequent complications.

Youth. The Swiss sociologists have estimated that men unequal marriage is good. Young wife miraculously extend the life of their elected representatives.

Marriage conquers cancer. Companion, apparently, helps the man last longer and be more effective in fighting cancer. What affects of cancer patients – motivation for life or support of the beloved, is not known, but married live longer after setting a deadly diagnosis. Five-year survival among them, the average is 63.3%, whereas among the unmarried of the lucky ones just to 45.4%.

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