Postpartum psychological problems arise from a third of the mothers

In the UK among the 1,800 parents conducted an online survey associated with parenting psychological problems. It turned out that more than a third of women one way or another experienced the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Among fathers, the proportion of victims was less, but still quite large – 17%. Every two out of three women experiencing acute stress, anxiety or suspecting yourself postpartum depression, went to the doctor for help. One of the participants of the survey said that the birth was traumatic, and after she developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

The child was immediately taken away, and then I get home, the woman felt very upset and angry, but thought it was just another part of motherhood. She also felt guilty that she couldn’t breastfeed breast. Only thanks to her husband, who sent her to the doctor, she could finally become a happy mother.

One of the aspects mentioned in their replies many respondents, was the criticism from the outside. In 26% of cases the young mother criticized her own parents, in 24% of cases – partner, 18% of cases other family members. 14% of women were subjected to criticism from strangers, and among men was 5%. On discrimination based on “parents sign” at work told 30% of mothers and 14% of fathers.

Women seeking moral support, 60% received it from friends, in 56% of cases and in 18% of cases – on the Internet. 15% of women and 25% of fathers said that they did not support.

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