Regular quarrels shorten life

Regular quarrels with loved ones, work colleagues, acquaintances affect life expectancy negatively. So at least consider Swedish experts.

They also identified that the most vulnerable group consists of male and unemployed.

But we should not delude ourselves and friendly to people, if they’re dealing with brawlers and troublemakers. These people also are at risk. This is especially true for those who have trouble coping with stressful situations and take to heart any fight.

It has long been proven that a stroke and a heart attack is inextricably connected with anxiety. And it is the result of frequent quarrels with loved ones. The cause of the conflict usually become increased demands. Wife unhappy jobs wife, children believe that they do not understand, the husband accuses his wife of impracticality.

Stressful situations increase the level of cortisol (glucocorticoid hormone), which affects the condition. Also increases blood pressure, develop heart disease and blood vessels. All of this is referred to as a physiological response to stress. Their effect on the body depends largely on the nature of man.

Swedish experts have studied the relationship between the relationship between people and early death. In their research they used 9880 women and men in the age group from 35 to 55 years. The studies were conducted in 2000. As a result, it was found that the risk of premature death in 83% of cases affected by external causes.

Experts also noted that stressful social situation deals maximum health damage at a time when a person has no work. That is, among the unemployed the risk of early death increases significantly. Particularly vulnerable in this respect, men with families, as they are constantly subjected to harassment from their wives.

However, it should be noted that the argument condition and anxiety are an integral part of human existence. Everything here depends on the quantity and quality. If the person is regularly in conflict situations and don’t psychologically to resist, in this case, increases the risk of premature death.

But stress management is the antidote. The large number of friends and moral support of others. These factors significantly improve the overall psychological climate and the most favorable impact on the health status and life expectancy.

From the above it is clear that heredity, body training, proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle does not are crucial components in such an important issue as the number of years lived. A much greater role for the psyche. That is peace of mind and harmony with the external world give people the opportunity to live happily ever after.

It has long been said, but only Swedish experts undertook to prove this statement experimentally. Now, based on this data, it is reasonable to argue that regular quarrels and stress really shorten the life.

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