How long does it take to become best friends

Have you ever tried to define the moment when you and your best friend stopped being just acquaintances? And when they hit each other in the category of best? If Yes, then this text you will like. Researchers from the University of Kansas ( University of Kansas) found out how much time an average man, so he could call someone my best friend. Spoiler: have patience.

As incredible as it may sound, but in the new study, the team of scientists led by Jeffrey Hall (Jeffrey Hall) managed to learn something new about friendship. You could even say that they brought the fundamental law of friendship (which, of course, we all guessed). Now, scientists have found that before not easy to make friends with someone, but to become inseparable, we will need time. A lot of time.

Oh yeah, we also have the history, when a new acquaintance seemed to be the closest person we knew before, so once it became if not the best, a very good friend. But the study, whose results were published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, to insist on his. Namely, a person might need a few decades before with someone from your friends it will be really close.

Moreover, scientists believe that we need about 50 hours of direct contact with the person before you enter into a phase in which Hall and his team call “accidental friendship.” However, a friend, a close contact should last at least 80-100 hours. Well, to talk about full friendship, need (again, at least) 200 hours.

Just to understand: all ten seasons of Friends (236 episodes) is 135 hours. Thus, you and a stranger have to see it from the first to the last of the series, sitting near, but even that, according to the researchers, is not enough.

As reported by Elite Daily, in order to obtain more accurate results, the study was divided into several parts. In the first part using the online survey, scientists collected the opinions of hundreds of adults, who have recently moved, and therefore wanted to make friends in a new place. In the second part Jeffrey Hall asked the freshmen about the features of establishing friendly contact through a specially created for this purpose online tool. It also allowed us to say that the younger the person, the faster he manages to make friends with someone, ceteris paribus.

And although the research seems quite fascinating, as it concerns such a daily and familiar topics, it is useful to remember that, on the basis of one work it is impossible to talk about how and why there is friendship, the principles on which it is based and how long does it take to call a person. The science of friendship medal with multiple parties. For example, a recent study at Dartmouth College (Dartmouth College) has shown that importance and how much you are externally and internally similar to the person plan to make friends. But this, however, is another story.

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