Speed dating: how to find love on the Dating

Speed Dating – as, clearly, sexting is a sign of the new time. If you think that this is a really convenient way to find the right person for those who are always in a hurry and can rarely make time for romance (read: a complete and regular Dating). However, the rate at which potential partners are moving in space, can confuse even experienced “dater”. Plus, the question remains, how reliable it is in terms of building long-term relationships.

Modern psychologists find the concept of quick Dating is extremely exciting. But that campaign was successful, it is useful to know how to behave at such events, before you decide to go to at least one of them.

First and foremost, it is important to consider that how we perceive other people and how to effectively build communication with them, seriously affects the environment. That is sustainability, writes in his column for Scientific American, sander van der Liden (Sander van der Linden), and is able to help make the right choice.

Why speed dating is well

Traditional Dating is often random, depending on minor details and decisions (e.g. are you going to the gym, and turned to the bakery, but there remained). Online Dating is also possible to detect a lot of drawbacks: they require hours to browse through the available profiles, care in the first message and ready on a real date will come to you not the man you used to see on the avatar.

At the same time, “quick” Dating rule out the element of chance (all the people who came here are interested in relationships), but at the same time allow to avoid embarrassment, since you have only a couple of minutes to like (or not like) to each other.

Age, height and weight as the search parameters

In a study in 2011 published in the journal Biology Letters, a psychologist from the University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh) Alison Lenton (Alison P. Lenton) and economist from the University of Essex (University of Essex) Francesconi Marco (Marco Francesconi) analyzed more than 3,700 decisions taken at 84 the events of “fast” dates. So they have found that when participants acted in accordance with some perfect albumami such as age, height, profession and education level, they made fewer offers to continue Dating. And this effect was stronger, the more partners consistent with the stated requirements.

The results obtained in the world of online Dating support this finding. A study conducted in 2008 by the London school of Economics and political science (London School of Economics and Political Science), indicates that a greater number of options available, one way or another connected with the expected ideal, reduced General satisfaction from communication. Which, by the way, did not happen, if the options were less.

The secret of success? Look deeper

One of the problems associated with speed dating and online Dating lies in how we “hunt” for those that want to. In a study in 2008 conducted at Duke University (Duke University), the scientists asked 47 single men and women to list the qualities that they are looking for a partner, and then independent experts evaluated these characteristics. In the end it turned out that both men and women mentioned more empirical traits (age, height, physical attractiveness, and the ability to laugh or erudition), and in relation to their potential spouse was two times more than the person with whom they would love to go on a date. But this tactic, alas, does not work.

The study’s authors say that using attributes like weight and height when choosing a partner like trying to predict the taste of the food content of fiber and calories. Similarly, according to psychologists, occurs on “fast” visits: if you are trying to dig a little deeper of biceps and Hollywood smiles, immediately screening out candidates who do not fit your understanding of physical attractiveness, you are unlikely something will happen.

In the 2006 study, for example, Raymond, Fisman (Raymond Fisman) and his colleagues at Columbia University (Columbia University) showed that when participants prior to the event on speed dating was asked what qualities they would like to see in a potential partner, their answers did not match what they found attractive during the event. Everything in the end depends on your environment. And, of course, what options are offered.

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