In charge of the weather at home

Oh, how every woman wants to have in our home was peace and harmony, peace and grace. And each new day was like a holiday, and there was never any quarrels or scandals. But, alas, it does not happen. Almost every family at some point faces a situation where, it seems, only a step separates us from the gap with the second half.

In our lives have already become accustomed to endless conflicts, a series of verbal attacks, eternally dissatisfied person for a life partner and recriminations. But most of us wants to stop this state of “cold war”, to return to warmth of feeling and understanding. Therefore it is better to warn of an impending storm, than to suffer and to suffer from its consequences.

Do not store up grievances

Yes, like any storm in your relationship sometimes there is a lull. And so afraid to disturb him by a careless word or a glance. And you pretend that everything is perfect and silent. And in vain, because the lull is temporary. And the negativity in you builds up like gunpowder in a powder keg.

Imagine the situation: in an empty bottle and all and Sundry merge with the remnants of various liquids. They shuffled, join each other in reaction. And here in the bottle not just the liquid, and an explosive mixture. One spark will happen a huge explosion.

Here also with your accumulated negative emotions. So do not hoard them yourself, give them a way out. Better let there sometimes there are small quarrels than the big scandals.


Better yet, if you are going to save yourself your fears and anxiety and learn how to safely share them with her man. But no shouting, no complaints and reproaches. Down the emotions. Try to calmly understand the situation and make it acceptable to both parties a way out, and not to look guilty. Otherwise always remains a residue and every next time the situation will get worse. And remember that not only your man, but you have to equally bear the burden of responsibility for the relationship between you.

The sooner you realize that all your attempts to remake man into a Prince on a white horse come to grief one after the other and not bring the desirable results, the better for you. Stop foolishly squandered your energy. Better revise their views on life and your partner and correct them.

Remember, because once something you liked and decided to link her life to his. And, maybe, you will be able to see in it some new decent quality, which you had not noticed before. And it will revive old feelings and you will finally realize that in life you don’t want to lose this man. And whatever it is will be happy only with him.

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