The education of girls. What should be a modern woman?

In modern times, women have the same rights as a man. She learned to earn, to be independent and self-sufficient, but she doesn’t have time for child-rearing and caring, caring for her husband. The specificity of gender relations has undergone significant changes, it often breaks up families, increases the number of divorces.


It is known that children imitate, borrow models of behavior of their parents. The girl who grew up without a father, more difficult to maintain his family. She has no proper understanding about what a wife should be, therefore a high risk that it will become a single mother.

A caring homemaker or career woman?

These are two irreconcilable poles. Now the woman seeks to provide not only themselves but also their children. Her character can be traced all the more masculine traits of independence, decisiveness, activity, purposefulness. In family life, it sometimes prevents to compromise, to surrender to the will of another person.

Women’s thriftiness is reflected in the softness, thoughtfulness, agreeableness, ability to compassion and even sacrifice. This does not sit well with the image of a strong woman leader.

Some believe that it is necessary to immediately make a choice: either career or family. The person may not be equally proficient in all that in any case will be a priority. You cannot devote yourself to work and successfully take care of loved ones at the same time. There is no way that person is moving quickly up the career ladder, but at home all by itself makes perfect sense.

Women careerists, sometimes, complain that the children taken away from them too long. But, if the family is going through serious turmoil, they quickly realize what was really important.

According to another view, a woman should always all the time, so the dilemma does not arise in principle. But is it really that easy to live to the maximum of their abilities? After all, she take time to relax. At work, her thoughts are quite often occupied with domestic problems and troubles, and at home she is contemplating the next project, a strategy for collaboration with colleagues and boss.

Sex education

Parents should pay attention to the romantic education of girls. To talk about what love is. You can watch the touching romance read sensual novel or tell touching stories of their friends. Of course, there’s no need to embellish reality, but to show a different, Platonic side of love, is extremely important.

It helps to educate the girl tenderness, sensuality, femininity, then she became a caring mother and loving wife.

The issue in any case remain relevant to young ladies. They will still find a way to learn about the specifics of relationships with men.

Better if about sex, and about the complexities of the relationship between a woman and a man she learns from your lips, rather than getting this information to the cynical, conniving and immoral form. Otherwise, the girl will assume that an early sexual relationship with the boys is quite common, normal phenomenon.

If we consider the love in this light, it is immediately offset by all the beauty, the sublimity, the value of these feelings and they are reduced only to one. In the eyes of the girls, this situation looks like a success: “I have achieved what I wanted!”.

From the point of view of the boy presents a different picture – a girl goes into the category of the object of consumption, of things, and quickly replaceable. Is such a vision does not destroy the traditional idea of the family as a symbol of trust, mutual respect and mutual happiness?

Mothers and daughters

At an early age girls like to play with dolls. Take seriously the choice of a toy. After all, at the moment she is interested in parent-child, not a friendly relationship. The little one wants to play the role of the mother, and if the doll (e.g. Barbie) embodies a grown woman with a beautiful figure and long legs, what child is this? Buy doll appearance, more resembling a baby. Later can and Barbie to give. The girl will build her more friendships.

Approximately at the age of five or four years of the baby appears interest in these babies, she wants them to babysit. This period ends at the beginning of puberty. At the age of six to ten years, she wants to take care of a little brother or little sister.

In adolescence for girls is becoming an important intimate-personal communication with peers.

Girl – girl

When to consider a girl that grown-up, to allow you to use decorative cosmetics? Many believe that in 10-12 years, she deserves to learn to paint. After all, she should be able to monitor and care for themselves, to be beautiful. There is another side to this issue. Received from parent, putting on makeup, the girl automatically thinks “enlisted in the ranks of” adults. Therefore, it can act like an adult, and sometimes allows himself too much in adolescence (14-15 years).

In any case, the character of a girl can not fully depend on the style of education, although a significant role is also played by the social environment, temperament, lifestyle and so on.

Relationship with the father

It is worth noting that the girl was in a relationship with my dad builds the first model of the “man-woman”. She may even be jealous of his mother. If the mother is an example of social behavior, the father is its reflection, that is what he says to her, in the future will depend on the rating of female attractiveness.

If dad in a joking manner, points out the shortcomings of her appearance, she takes it fine, as a statement of fact. According to many psychologists, in a relationship with a man, a girl will build a similar model.

She since childhood that her looks are criticized so vehemently or will to argue with a man about this and to protest or to agree. In my family, the girl recreates the maternal behavior model.

Attitude to the opposite sex

Mothers can be recommended not to make too strong an emphasis on the fact that the girl is a future mother and wife. Otherwise, in her mind built up a misconception that you don’t have to achieve something in life, because one day, she will meet the Prince, on which it will be possible to shift all burdens and cares. It violates her as a person, because a woman should not expect, that it will provide and indulge all her whims.

In such a case, a relationship with a man will be the meaning of her life and if she loses, you lose everything. Will be alone alone with their problems and inability to earn money. Built model “unhealthy” relationship, where one partner expects a complete and unconditional return of the other.

The woman is interesting when successful and were able to find their own way of self-realization, and is not confined to the circle of household duties and family problems.

Tips for parents

Of course, the adults after the birth of his child try to surround the child with warmth, love, affection and care. When the baby grows up, they begin to fear that she will grow up selfish and dependent. Elements of austerity, authoritarianism must be present in education. However, it is not necessary to reconfigure your relationship with her. Don’t try to emotionally distance myself from the girl and too often to draw attention to her own shortcomings. It may have a negative impact on her self-esteem.

If parents will give her less affection, attention and love than it needs, it can form an inferiority complex. The girl will start to assume that it is not as good as other children. Let her know that you trust her and are willing to understand, support in case of failure.

Girls are more trusting and open than boys. Not estrange from her experiences, thoughts and feelings, because they need care and understanding.

Don’t criticize her appearance, she’s very sensitive to remarks of this kind. Acknowledge her concern about her beauty. Settled confidence in your heart baby that she’s beautiful. After all, doubt your feminine charm could generate in her a sense of inferiority, which then will be difficult to get rid of. Feel free to emphasize its advantages.

Do not demand from the child unconditional obedience, teach him to Express and defend their opinions. Otherwise, in the future baby will live in line with people’s demands and expectations that are unlikely to make her happy.

If you were waiting for the birth of the boy, do not project your desire for a girl. Otherwise, she will not be able in the future to open up and become a real woman and their behavior will be (unconsciously) like men.

Form her own sense of uniqueness and originality, but do not overdo it, not turn it into a narcissistic selfish. Striving to raise it interesting, versatile personality.

Teach your child to show compassion, interest and care for close people. He should be able to compromise, to sacrifice in certain situations, their desires.

Help the girl to master the subtleties and nuances of cooking, cleaning, sewing, grooming and his clothes. The baby needs in the future to be a good hostess, but don’t push it too hard, so as not to cause an aversion to household duties. Remember that the daughter only your assistant, and the role of the hostess is owned by the mother.

So, views on education girls are different. Some believe that it is necessary to form such qualities as humility, thriftiness; try to instill in her a love of work and the fulfilment of household duties. Others are convinced that the future woman must be self-sufficient and therefore be able to realize in life. For this it needs to be purposeful, decisive, assertive. Of course, these points of view deserve their right to exist, but it is important to bring together. A woman should place in life not only as a wonderful mother and wife, but as a good, responsible worker.

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