Bad habits in children

The parents rarely need to adjust the behavior of their children, to get rid of certain habits. How to do it, when the child again and again do wrong?

How to wean a baby from night feeding? How to eradicate biting the handle of the baby? My child bites, how to be? What if the child sucks his thumb? How to distract the child from the virtual world?

How to wean the baby from night feeding?

A young child is very important to get your milk every 2-3 hours, it is natural. At the age of 6 and 4 months, a baby begins to take shape the day. He is getting old enough to stay without food for 6 hours.

Many babies are fussy at night and asked to eat and at the age of 7 months, but it is rather the habit and the desire to be back near my mom. But what to do if your toddler is already more than 7 months and he always asks to eat at night?

It is necessary to change the feeding regimeof the day and before bed well feed the child. Try to keep it covered full. If he is still require to eat in the night, give him to drink formula or cereal, but not breast milk. This is especially true if you have already entered the lure. In this case, in the evening also there is a preferred mixture because it is more nutritious.

This will increase the amount of food intake during the day, and, conversely, to reduce it at night. It is desirable that the child receives less and less milk in the night, eventually his stomach will get used to such changes.

If your little one already about a year, and she wakes up at night and asked to eat, she probably does not want to eat. She hopes to put her to the breast, because the smell of mother’s milk, in particular, calms the baby. Try to lull a restless child without the initiation of breastfeeding. If he persists, give to drink juice or something else.

You can leave it in his bed bottle. The child will remember that you can always drink he wants. A good option is a soft toy that smells like mom, then he would feel her presence near.

Your baby is still older, but continues to ask to eat or drink? Get him out of bed, move to the kitchen and feed. Of course, he will cry and cry, but you will soon realize that you are going to feed, not nursing and rocking.

However, if the suggested tips do not help, can return to regular mode, and in a few weeks to resume its efforts.

How to eradicate biting the handle of the baby?

Most often, the baby starts to chew on it when interested in something or lost in thought. It happens by itself, automatically. He does not notice how the handle is again in his mouth. You can attach some decoration on its tip. Thus, the next time the child will encounter a certain discomfort, feeling strange sensations. This will help him learn to control his own actions, but the process can stretch over time, so have patience.

If the child likes to chew nails, you can use the following method: apply on the nail plate bitter nail Polish, or stick them on the patch. Girls can be taught to do manicures and to them it would be a pity to spoil the fruits of their efforts.

My child bites, how to be?

Usually little kids through bites Express their curiosity, enthusiasm, or simply reduce the pain in the gums when they start teething. However, a similar problem often appears in the kindergarten.

Faced with this problem, parents are overly emotional children who have not learned correctly (words) to Express their emotions. You need to teach your baby not only to show their emotions, but also to help her in their awareness (anger, joy, resentment, etc.). However, in order to eradicate this bad habit it is necessary to identify the cause.

Teething, if the baby is very small. It is necessary to provide baby teethers: rubber toys, a small piece of cloth soaked in cool water.

Try to tell him about different items, foods that can and cannot chew.

Hyperactivity. The child is nowhere to put the excess energy, and he begins to “try on a tooth” toys and others. Play with them in active, outdoor games, running, hide and seek, etc., often replace activities.

The attention deficit. Such behavior he might show his desire to spend more time with you, go to meet him, show how you love and appreciate. More talk with him, play, counsel.

So, do not scold the child for what he bites, so you may wish to consolidate this model of behavior. Calmly tell the kid: “you can’t do that!” It will be hard to verify a ban on strength, try to remain calm. Encourage his obedience. If necessary, consult a psychologist.

The child sucks his thumb?

First we need to find the cause of this behavior. Thumb-sucking is an innate baby reflex, imitating the feeding procedure. It is typical for young children. The next reason – the excitement, the tension, and this action helps to take it off. Often after that, the child, relaxed, asleep. And last – stimulation, aimed at the area of the mouth. Experts attribute this behavior with the duration of breastfeeding. Accordingly, children who were translated into the formula and cereal, this habit often survives.

In this situation, it is difficult to give a concise, universal advice, because it does not exist. However, it is not necessary to resort to traditional measures (to scold, to punish, to use the mustard).

Find out the reason. If the child is six months old has resorted to this habit for it to calm down, then maybe it has to do with fears (e.g., one is afraid to sleep), stress. Try to read longer stories, gently stroking, and wait until he falls asleep.

If he sucks his thumb day, try not to focus your attention on that habit. Gently distract him: give a favorite toy or something tasty, you can also resort to General infant massage.

Try to resolve this issue as early as possible, because bad habits quickly fixed. In addition, it may deteriorate the bite or disrupt the growth of teeth.

How to distract the child from the virtual world?

Many parents are concerned that their child is very a lot of time on games on the computer or the console, ignoring the passion and fun of the real world. We will try to highlight some tips to prevent the formation of dependence on such entertainment.

Try to determine whether the child is involved and concentrated on the game. As it relates to your requests? Decreased whether his / her performance? How does he interact with peers?

Try it for yourself to play. This will help you to understand what attracts him in these games.

If it is unreasonably a lot of time on such kind of work, limit his time on the computer or install a special program that can handle it.

Remember, a ban on something creates an even greater desire, so I can allow him to play in the form of a reward for good grades or useful things.

Write it in the sports section. This will have a positive impact on his health, will expand the scope of his interests and circle of friends.

Let him play together with friends. It will be absorbed and fascinated not only by events in the virtual world, but also socializing with friends, discussing controversial or interesting points.

Look for the child more exciting. That it even attracts? Buy him a good camera or a guitar, in a word, give him a welcome gift with which he will be able to develop their skills.

Communication in the family. Don’t forget to talk to your child, to talk about their Affairs, be interested in his impressions, but do not impose.

So, in this article were compiled simple tips designed to eradicate the bad habits of your kids. Remember, negative behaviors in children quickly, so try to solve the problem as early as possible.

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