Vital rules for successful women

If you can’t say that you are a successful woman, do not despair. Truly happy and successful person you can become tomorrow.

The main thing here – the desire and the observance of certain rules is not very complicated.

Rule 1 – the comfort zone. This is a negative factor, preventing to succeed. Comfort zone can be compared to a sort of warm swamp. It very quickly sucks, it deprives the initiative and makes life bland and monotonous.

For example, such a “swamp” may not be stable quiet work with a small but regular salary. Every day the same routine, and prospects for self-realization not. It can be a lifetime to sit somewhere in the corner behind the computer and never become a successful person. So, if you want to achieve something in life, then run out of the comfort zone.

Find a job where you will be able to fully realize yourself where you are going to do what you like. To do it now is very simple, no need for it to run on the labor exchange, to write papers with jobs, especially because such methods are ineffective. You can use special web-sites-exchanges that contain a large database of ads. It is important not to forget that the employer is also looking for you.

Rule 2 – do not give up and not give in to failure. Here it should be noted that life is extremely diverse, and the difficulties and temporary setbacks are its invariable components. Therefore, when faced with an obstacle, do not despair. Need to overcome or circumvent it. Help here a new approach to solving the problem. And always remember that the darkest time of night is just before dawn.

Rule 3 – worthy to carry the uncertainty. For women the worst thing in life is uncertainty. And because of it nobody is insured, it is necessary to calculate the worst option to deal with such developments and to consider their next steps in adverse conditions. If in advance predict their behavior, the success will come.

Rule 4 – never don’t stop there. Perched on a small hillock, it is impossible to calm down. Ahead are the hills and mountain tops. Therefore, we need to go forward, conquering one hill after another. Only in this case we can speak of a real success.

Rule 5 – be able to make decisions quickly. Any successful person knows that the best ideas are the ones that immediately appear in the mind after a certain issue or proposal. It gives clues intuition on a subconscious level. But then one begins to think logically, and then there are various doubts and fears. The longer you think, the more I doubt. Success is to quickly assess the situation and properly weigh all the positive and negative consequences.

Rule 6 – you can’t judge yourself for mistakes. Not mistaken only slackers and lazy. If someone works hard, then mistakes are inevitable. For this reason you need not to lament, and to do conclusions and to look for other options.

Rule 7 – jealous of other more successful women unproductive. Envy is generally a bad feeling, but if it is directed at his colleagues, has reached more, except harm will bring nothing. You need not be jealous, and to learn from others and to adopt their secrets to success. Healthy competition is better than corroding the soul of envy.

Rule 8 – do not rely on a higher justice and not to complain about life. The world needs to watch sober look. It is far from ideal and often unfair. With such a reality to be reckoned with, and not wait for manna from heaven. It is necessary to hope only for themselves, then there will be disappointments in other people. But to complain about the reality – the most thankless job.

Rule 9 – always need to know what you want. Goals and desires should be clear. Only in this way can all to devote themselves to their achievement. A successful woman can Wake up in the night and she immediately says what she wants. Clearly articulated priorities and aspirations shorten the way to real success.

So we make a list of the rules, observing that, to succeed in life. Now ask yourself – can a successful woman be considered happy? It’s hard to say something definite. Real success precludes a normal family life. The path to the top takes almost all the time, and so it does not remain on basic human joy. Children, husband, sincere and trusting relationship left behind. However, no one is forcing anyone to become successful. Each person makes their own choices. But if the goal is achieved, then perhaps it is happiness.

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