7 unexpected reasons to go to a sex shop

A sex shop opens up in the first place the truth about you, and not always pleasant. But there a bonus: you can turn to his advantage and turn it into a source of pleasure.

1. To see the truth

Yes, that’s right. In a sex shop, it becomes clear that not all of you know about pleasure. What are you hiding secret desires. What are you afraid of something, and what we did not expect.

That something sanctimonious attitude and not willing to take.

Tour of a sex shop- it’s like a session of psychoanalysis, which understands your sexuality.

Sometimes you have to admit that you are not a sex giant and not a guru in bed. Sometimes it turns out that your sex life is boring like a lesson of sex education. For example, you see a glow in the dark butterflies, which do not interfere with the penetration of a member, know that vibrators can stimulate not only the vagina and not only women. Or are you looking for costumes for role-playing games and understand that for you it’s ridiculous. But this underwear will look on you isn’t sexy, and disgusting, so it’s time to the gym.

2. To transcend the stereotypes

It is not important what is in a sex shop. But it’s time to realize that missionary position, oral sex and flirting with nipples is not the whole sex. And no, porn is anything you will not teach, because everything is just trite and boring. But in a sex shop and there are so many things to be well with that head spin.

Not ashamed to admit that you need special grease. Not ashamed to admit that you like the additional stimulation of erogenous zones and erogenous not considered. In a sex shop, actually a lot can.

3. Start calling a spade a spade

In the first place – the genitals and all that surrounds them. This is not a “pussy” and not “well, where is”. Everything in the world has a name. Listen to how freely the seller of the sex shop calls a penis a penis, the clitoris, the clitoris, the scrotum – the scrotum. And everything else also calls as necessary. Learn, this then will help to talk with a partner.

4. Learn to talk about sex with other people

The paragraph which directly follows from the previous one. To tell something to the partner, should be called on to explain what had to be done. Nothing sexual develops vocabulary better than regular visits to a sex shop and discuss the pros and cons of different toys with the seller. Then you will be surprised how easy it is to explain to the lover or the mistress that you need without using vague euphemisms like: “Well, make me well there, but not as good, but that way.”

5. To know how far the progress

If you think a sex shop is a fence made of a rubber member and a rack with costumes “children’s party”, then you are stuck in time twenty years ago. Firstly, vibrators and various toys look like now so that they are sometimes difficult to associate at all with sexual things. Second, they know as much as the man himself do not learn.

A good hike in the sex shop resembles visiting of the Museum: materials, properties, modes. All modern, innovative and breakthrough.

6. Remove the internal constraints

Believe me, the sellers of the sex shops have seen something terrible couples that want to have sex otherwise, but does not know how. Here the main thing – to relax and look around, don’t be afraid to open or touch the exhibited items on display, feel them, see how they work. You might find yourself in such desires, which is not suspected, and some toys will literally jump into your hands and force myself to buy.

7. To learn not to pay attention to other

We write a lot about what other people’s opinion should not hurt you and it’s actually time to let go of all the thoughts like “what about me”. To go to a sex shop – a great training of this skill.

Yes, look, wherever you go. Yes, in a sex shop and go to other buyers and is looking at you. Care.

You exit the shop and go for fun and the rest will either envy or resent. However, what’s the difference?

And don’t forget to ask for the package with a store logo, and it’s usually in sex shops provide modest, not telling the story the opaque bags. It is not our method: we are not afraid of other people’s opinions.

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