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How many people, as many opinions about sexual life. In this world no single algorithm sexual education, so there is no unified attitude towards sex. Although, even if there was such an algorithm, the opinions would be different anyway, because we are 7 billion individuals and no other.

There’s no such consensus on any of life’s questions, and the question of sex is no exception.

Society keeps telling us one thing and we still do more, and that we regard the ideas about such personal issues, especially no public laws will not be able to overcome the mind of a person without his consent.

So why do some people treat sex with a boundless adoration, others are afraid to even speak on this subject, and others do not show him any attention?!

First of all, the relation of man to making love depends on the way of education parents chose this man in his time. And I’m not just talking about sexual education, but about education in General.

Despite the fact that each person is unique in their individuality, parents put 50% of a person’s identity in terms of its communication with society, and psychological adaptation to the world, attitude to certain situations, things etc.

Parents are the people who are our source of information, and information is not necessarily what they say. Most of the information we receive through the organs of vision, that is the model of family relations formed in a particular family is the one factor that imposes a direct imprint on the formation of the future personality of the younger individual. What the person “sees” in his family will definitely affect his personal life in the future, and that’s a fact.

Particularly relevant this issue is in the formation of attitudes toward sex, because most of the inadequate responses on this issue is due to an adverse home situation, rude to family and other unpleasant things. The fear of sex indicates a lack of communication or rudeness in the family, and overreliance on the wrong sex education or the lack of it in General and so on. We will not go into details about this You can read in many different sources, ranging from articles on the Internet and ending with books on psychology.

Not to say that a person has a particular point of view, because it was influenced by a particular factor, because the development of man and his views – it’s quite a long process, which is characterized not by manufacturernow.

And attitude towards sex depends not only on education, but also on what happened to the man during his formation as a personality, what systems he has developed under the influence of these incidents, what kind of life leads people, how he’s educated and erudite, and so on.

We choose our own model of behavior, it’s just not always at the level of consciousness. We are influenced by everything, what we’re dealing with, so, when faced with a particular point of view of another person, especially in terms of sexual relations, you should not try to alter his nature, because he, like You had already formed and does not require further elaboration, at least from the other person.

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