Is it possible to get addicted to Masturbation

Members of the organization are convinced that users of porn become dependent and inevitably become lonely, and viewing such videos is destroying their sex life and creates a thirst for violence.

“Fight the new drug” is a non-profit organization headquartered in salt lake city, the capital of the U.S. state of Utah. The company’s slogan – “Porn kills love”, he produced t-shirts, caps, brochures, screen savers for iPhones and stickers. The project’s mission, as stated on the website, is “to increase vigilance on the harms from pornography through creative media.”

With the organization associated with the company’s Fortify, ready to assist those who are dependent on porn feels and wants to overcome. In its online training free of charge is open only to Teens 13 to 17 years. A monthly subscription will cost about $ 15 per month, lifetime – 200.

The dispute about whether there is actually addicted to sex or Masturbation, is not the first year.

However, the studies these assumptions are not proved and the scientific community refuses to classify addiction from sex to mental illness. In the international classification includes nymphomania, high libido in women, and satyriasis, increased libido in men, specifies a psychiatrist, Pavel Beschastnov in an interview “Газете.Ru”. “The term “sexual addiction” medical does not make sense, it’s just a dramatic phrase for a mass audience,” adds the psychiatrist.

Interestingly, there is research that proved the similarity of the reaction of pleasure centers of the brain of those who consider themselves porozumienie, with the reaction of people suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, to the objects of their addiction. However, the dependence on Masturbation or porn is not proof. This draws the attention of the authors of the work, she went to Cambridge University in 2014.

Nevertheless, both in Russia and abroad you can find centres offering treatment for sex addiction. The most expensive and popular Hollywood, regularly come to the attention when Newspapers convict someone of celebrities in abuse or infidelity. However, in these cases, most likely, the problem is not the addiction, namely the increased libido, that is, nymphomania or satyriasis, as noted by Pavel Beschastnov.

The idea that porn is a threat to the health of the population in the United States supported at the state level, however, only in one of the 50 States, the home of the project “Fight the new drug” in Utah. According to polls, 63% of its population are Mormons – a religious community, in the tradition of polygamy which is adjacent to the taboo topic of sex. The bill adopted in April 2016. Porn he forbids, but sets the status of pornography as harmful: “poisoning sexual relations” and “hypersexualized adolescents and children.” Any plan of action, the document does not offer.

Opponents of pornography in Russia is also religious conservatives who usually oppose the introduction of sex education.

Louder sounds the voice of the State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. In January 2015, as a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, the politician made a comment that porn corrupts people, “nullifies” the value of the relationship, hurts the psyche of young people, and users marked as “smelly wankers who are not of value to our society.”

Does modern pornolink in fact, our ideas about sex, it’s hard to say. However, available scientific studies do not prove the thesis of the conservatives. Over the past few decades, indeed, decreased significantly the average age of first viewing porn, however, each subsequent generation since the 50’s, according to Australian polls, treats women better. And the responses of people convicted for sexual crimes showed that they started to watch porn before or watch it more often.

That can really be a serious question about pornoreka, it challenges the actors. Research aimed at addressing them are few. Primarily because many do not want to participate, fearing that the results will be used by conservative activists. One of the first scientific studies investigating the actors of the genre, was published in 2013. Then were interviewed 177 women. 176 of them came to the porn industry alone, one – forced. 69% Actresses rated their enjoyment of sex 10 out of 10 this assessment of the sex gives a little more than 30% of the population.

Porn actress also more likely to have high self-esteem than other women. However, even from the point of view of its authors, raises questions to the sample, which may not be representative of the whole pornobanka. In addition, the shadow remains a significant part of an underground industry, especially in countries with an illegal status porn, including in Russia. In this segment for the actors of course, the risk of violence, psychological trauma and infection with sexual infections.

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