The truth about milk teeth

“Why do kids teeth brushing? They have a rare, the food does not get stuck between them…” – sometimes parents say.

– Teeth in kids are rare, while few of them. But 2.5 years cut full set – 20 pieces, and they are already tight. And the denser the teeth pressed against each other, so they are more likely to develop tooth decay. Saliva, which contains substances that neutralize bacteria, not washes them from all sides, so the plaque from the enamel should be removed with a brush.

I think, to teach us to brush our teeth about two years, when the child is standing safely and is able to imitate the behaviour of parents. No need to brush baby teeth with a cotton swab to year, as do some mothers, but up to 4-5 years of familiarity with the brush to pull it is impossible.

Buy the kid two brushes of different colors – in the morning and in the evening let them procrastinate myself looking at my mom and dad.

The brush should be faux-bristle – natural bristle microbiologists rejected, it formed channels where they congregate and grow micro-organisms – with a small head, soft bristles and become even softer – it can boil.

“Toothpaste may bring a little harm to children. They eat it and not spit,” the worried parents.

– First introduce baby with baby pasta. They smell sweet, pleasant taste. Even if the baby and swallow a bit of toothpaste – nothing terrible will happen, the developers take this into account. Before children’s pasta receives a certificate and permission to sell, she held a variety of research on the topic, what happens if a child eats it, too. And when the baby is used to clean teeth, it is necessary to go with a spray on treatment-and-prophylactic pastes, which contain calcium, phosphorus, fluorine.

But first, find out a lot of fluoride in the water where you live, or a little. In Moscow water, for example, fluorine little. Our kids toothpaste with fluoride useful. And in many places near Moscow – Zelenograd, Dolgoprudnyi, Kolomna, and Tver, for example, in water fluoride much. There are local kids running around with brown spots on the teeth. Is fluorosis, and, if the teeth are spoiled, nothing can be done.

Excess fluoride is especially dangerous for the growing permanent teeth. In adults the teeth are formed, fluoride took their seats, they need an extra dose of this trace element will not bring harm, and for children to clean their teeth with fluoride in areas where it and in the water a lot – not.

“Why put the fillings on baby teeth? Just to irritate. Anyway, these teeth will soon fall out” – according to many parents.

To treat teeth it is necessary. In the first place – in the name of the permanent teeth.

The roots of the milk molars (side teeth) widely spaced and cover the permanent rudiment. Everything that happens with the milk tooth influences the development permanent. If the hole in the tooth – decay – can’t heal, can begin pulpitis – inflammation of the pulp, which contains nerves, and then periodontitis – inflammation of periodontal tissues. And the germ of the permanent tooth may die. And the destruction of deciduous teeth occurs very quickly, much faster than regular, sometimes just in a matter of weeks.

Second, untreated teeth are a constant source of infection in the mouth. No anesthesiologist will not take a child with such a hotbed for the operation, and suddenly it is you, God forbid, will?

Thirdly, if you need an orthodontist to correct an overbite, for example, also have to seal up all the holes in the teeth.

And treat the kids teeth have pediatric dentists. We have other methods and other materials. We know the structural features of the milk teeth. In solid tissues less less enamel, dentin less than in permanent teeth. High-speed machines, we work very carefully to acute boram try not to resort. The Cretaceous spots, if they are within the enamel, we don’t drill and lubricated with a solution of silver nitrate. We know that the seals of the modern hardening of materials to “real” milk teeth (if the nerve is still alive) can not be set.

Children’s teeth have very high permeability of enamel, dentin, such seals may be difficult to affect the pulp and cause her death. Milk tooth will darken, the development of the germ of the permanent stop. Sometimes the Institute bring these children: milk teeth they are beautiful expensive fillings, but they all died the pulp and any fistula. The teeth have to be removed.

Therefore, parents should be very attentive to the holes in the milk teeth. Especially if the child is often sick colds or recently suffered serious illness: measles, scarlet fever, pneumonia, if he’s allergic. Caries is a disease not only of the tooth, is a common disease of the organism, it appears, when a person has reduced immunity. Often in children after a serious illness on the background of General weakening of the organism on the teeth arises from several cavities. In adults this does not happen. And we, pediatric dentists, this phenomenon in children is often observed.

“The children’s teeth do not hurt, because the tooth has no nerves,” – believe parents.

– There are nerves. Baby teeth also hurt, but some children are so quickly destroyed that the pain does not have time to occur. When there is pain is bad, and well. Good, because pain is a signal: it is necessary to go to the doctor.

“Why to pull the baby teeth hurt? Because they have no roots” – just guessing some parents.

The roots they have, but to pull out teeth are sometimes really easy and not painful. The fact that they pass certain stages of development. Milk teeth begin to mineralizatsiya during intrauterine life of the child. How’s the pregnancy very effect on the future condition of the teeth. The milk teeth erupt about 2.5 years. After the crown of the tooth appears above the gum, it continues to accumulate salt, and the root to grow. The root is increased and the tooth there is a period of physiological rest, which lasts 3 years.

It was at this time the teeth it is convenient to treat him damage. And then the roots absorb, are shortened, the tooth becomes mobile and the child may even himself to pull it out. But the roots of the teeth healed, who suffered a pulpitis or periodontitis, resolve bad. These teeth have to be removed, and we do it under local anesthesia.

“But if permanent teeth will climb at random, then go to the orthodontist. Why go with the baby teeth?” – ask the parents.

Now 60% of children have a particular orthodontic pathology. Most of the narrow jaw. Milk teeth of the baby is 20 and permanent is 28, or 32. How much more need to post! And teeth are larger, wider dairy. It means that the jaw needs to grow in length and in height. In 4 years the child should appear so-called physiological Treme – the gaps between the teeth. And now they are not at all. Because children don’t train the jaw, load them, not chew meat more eating burgers, don’t bite the carrot, turnip, firm apples. The parents give them food, grated, shredded, soft… the Orthodontist must see how the baby develops in the jaw.

Also he looks like jaws are closed: correct the overbite? Children to correct the bite using inexpensive plastic plates. And Teens and adults already have to put a bracket system that is very expensive. Look, is not threatened if the child diastema is too big a gap between the incisors. And sometimes there are additional, extra teeth that prevent. Have to be removed.

So to take the kid to the orthodontist is still necessary. And if it turns out that the teeth of a child healthy, the doctor you only praise: there is a problem or not, but going to the dentist is necessary 2 times a year.

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