Tooth pain in a child what to do

What if you arrived with your family in another country while on vacation, and your child has a sudden toothache? How to avoid toothache is on vacation, and what to do if tooth child is sick so not a good time, says Marina Kolesnichenko, dentist, chief physician of the Beauty Line.

Step one: prevention

Since the two main causes of toothache in children – caries and pulpitis, the most important thing here is prevention. Not to bring the situation to a flux with aching need every six months to undergo preventive examination by a pediatric dentist.

One of the techniques you need to schedule 2-3 weeks prior to leaving on vacation. Then the doctor will have time not only to identify a potential problem, but also to rid your child.

Cured in a timely manner caries and pulpitis significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of acute pain on vacation. Also, if possible, for 4-5 days prior to departure, it is possible to visit a doctor just in case.

Step two: fissure sealing

Fissure – a pattern of ridges and recesses on the surface of the tooth. They may settle and accumulate plaque, i.e., a breeding ground for bacteria that eventually leads to the development of caries in children. Fissure sealing with a special compound gives almost absolute guarantee that the tooth will not appear cavities, and not only during the holidays, but always your child’s teeth will be healthy.

Step three: occupational health

It can be performed not only for adults but also for children. Doctor-hygienist, removes plaque and Tartar, solves two problems at once: first, it destroys the environment of occurrence of bacteria and reduces the risk of caries; second, you may find hidden under the touch of carious cavity. So you have time to fix them and avoid problems in the vacation and the child will not only be healthy but also a beautiful smile.

Step four: first aid kit for home

In the first place it must be for children “Nurofen” – pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent that will help not only the appearance of pain in teeth. It’s gonna take your place baby-steroidal drugs – are “nice”, “NIMULID”, “Nimesulide”. They do not eliminate the cause of the pain, but reduce its severity and help you to survive if the toothache came from the child for a few days before flying home. Nevertheless, immediately upon returning be sure to take him to the dentist and fix a tooth!

It is also useful to take along various ointments and gels – “Antinori Baby”, “After”, “Kalgel”, “Kamistad”, “Holisal gel”, which is also good to help get rid of the pain. If you have a baby, and that on vacation I decided to cut a tooth, to overcome pain will help candles “Viburkol”. And swelling in a painful place well removed anesthetic spray “Asepta” and drops “Fenistil”.

If so happened that you have no drugs on hand, use a warm saline solution and do not let your child eat solids and junk food (chips, crackers, candy, etc.).

Step five: insurance policy

Going on vacation, ask what is your insurance and what dental procedures are included. In insurance cases should be included severe toothache. The insurance company determines the amount that can be allocated for her treatment. It is important that this money was not less than 150-250 dollars. Be sure to compare a variety of insurance proposals and select that, where more than the amount prescribed for payment of medical procedures.

Therefore, if your child has a toothache you will only have to call the number in the insurance policy and to seek assistance from a specialist insurance company who will transfer you to the clinic where you will be able to help. However, if you only this treatment by the clinic, which is not insurance, the company will not pay for the services of a physician.

Step six: local clinics

But if your child has a toothache, or has chipped enamel, then what do you do? Especially in cases where before returning home for another 2-3 weeks? First, contact your insurance company. So you will get the address of the medical institution with which the insurance company has a contract for the provision of services, and you will not need to pay a very large sum after solving the problem with the tooth.

If you are in Western Europe, to go to the doctor without the slightest fear: treatment is the same quality as at home. Moreover, quick treatment – a guarantee that your child will avoid complications in the future.

However, if you spend your vacation in Latin America or Asia, and the competence of local dentists makes you doubt, limit the installation of temporary fillings. It’s easy, but will allow you to safely spend a vacation and, after returning home, contact your pediatric dentist to permanently solve the problem.

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