Treat hepatitis

Treatment of hepatitis with timely treatment the patient to a medical facility thanks to modern drugs much easier.

Supportive care, quality drugs help in most cases to cure the disease completely, regardless of the characteristics of infection and development

Hepatitis a is easy to get sick through dirty hands, food, General toys, household items. The disease appears a long time after the infection, at least in a couple of weeks.

The specificity of the disease

When the disease of any of the forms manifested symptoms similar.

The symptoms are the following:

  1. Man suffers from headaches.
  2. High temperature (about 38°C).
  3. Nausea.
  4. From time to time severe nausea vomiting ends.
  5. Over time there is pain in the right hypochondrium.
  6. The skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow.
  7. The urine becomes brown.
  8. Cal loses its natural color.

In rare cases, visual symptoms are vague or absent.

In some cases, the disease goes away; during the period of infection the liver is seriously suffering. But still need to see the doctor and get treatment, as there are sometimes serious complications that are due to the lack of timely qualified help can result in death of the patient.

More serious is the hepatitis b In 10% of cases there is a failure of the liver may develop cirrhosis. This form of the disease is transmitted through blood. It is possible to ache after a piercing or a dropper, but also through sexual contact with an infected person.

The disease manifests itself only after 2 months after infection and is severe. To avoid serious liver damage is possible only by getting qualified treatment.

Hepatitis C – the most severe form of the virus. Is transmitted through blood, often the infection occurs during surgery, or blood transfusion. Manifests itself within a week.

Hepatitis C often becomes chronic, requires constant medical supervision. Quite often a complication of the disease is the development and progression of cirrhosis.

How to treat hepatitis a?

Usually cure hepatitis a snap. The patient is prescribed bed rest and a special balanced diet that excludes the consumption of animal fats. It is recommended to drink at least 3 l of fluid.

Than to treat this form of disease? Treat the disease with medications. It is mandatory protivojinfectionnaya therapy. It is the introduction of glucose or other cleansing liquid formulations; also required admission enterosorbents.

In diseases of moderate and severe hepatitis treatment consists in the introduction of products that help cleanse the liver. In cases where detoxification therapy does not give visible results are corticosteroids.

To avoid accumulation of fluid in the body, additionally appointed diuretics.

Often the result of a hepatitis A is disease of the biliary tract such as cholecystitis. To avoid this, the first day of treatment prescribed UDCA. This drug should continue to take after discharge in the next 5 months.

Treat hepatitis b

The acute form of the disease is treated in the same way as hepatitis A. In some cases additionally prescribe immunomodulatory drugs.

If the disease passed into a chronic form, are treated on an individual scheme. How to treat hepatitis in each case decide, based on the state of the liver, the extent of its defeat.

Usually prescribed your medication interferon or nukleozidov group. Sometimes the treatment of these complex medicines. In the course of treatment the condition of the liver is constantly monitored by biochemical analysis of blood. The doctor pays special attention to the amount of HBV-DNA in the blood of the patient, as well as on the activity of liver transaminases. Based on these indicators, adjusted treatment.

Thanks to the active therapy and modern drugs can often cure hepatitis b completely.

How to treat hepatitis C

Until recently, this form of the disease was considered incurable. But with the development of pharmacology, the question is treated whether the hepatitis C was dropped by itself. The number of patients who are cured from this disease, an average of 70%.

When the diagnosis is the patient’s hepatitis b treatment is complex of ribavirin and interferon-alpha. The duration and selection of dosage is strictly individual. They depend on the stage of the disease.

The most difficult to treat disease in men over 40, except in particularly severe cases, when there is severe liver damage.

Traditional methods of therapy

Rich gifts of nature are never superfluous. In some cases, the treatment of hepatitis with the help of folk remedies hasten the day of recovery of the patient from this disease.

Even in chronic forms of hepatitis in the offseason, it is recommended to honey therapy for 2 months. You need 2 hours before a meal to drink honey water. For its preparation you need 1 tsp floral honey dissolved in 1 tbsp. warm water.

You can drink tea made of corn hair. For its preparation should take a small bunch dried or fresh hairs, put them in a small ceramic teapot. Fill dishes almost to the top with boiling water, then wrap with a towel and leave for half an hour. Ready infusion to drink as much as you like within six months. In the procurement of medicinal raw materials should be collected only corn with ripe corn cobs

You can also make a decoction of licorice roots. Make it a quarter Cup for 1.5-2 hours before eating. The drug helps to stimulate the synthesis of interferon. Thus liver regeneration is faster.

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  1. The disease manifests itself only after 2 months after infection and is severe. To avoid serious liver damage is possible only by getting qualified treatment.

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