Denver Bar Requires Proof Of COVID Vaccination To Drink Inside Without Face Mask

It’s been more than one month since Bar Max off Colfax Avenue in Denver has required proof of COVID-19 vaccination for patrons to go inside. Now, in accordance with state and CDC guidelines, people can also go in without a mask as long as they provide proof.

“They can feel that relief and that enjoyment,” said Bar Max Owner, Marshall Smith. “When customers are here with everyone vaccinated, they don’t have to socially distance, they don’t have wear masks, they don’t have to worry about it. It’s still peace of mind and comfort.”

Lauren Bruns is a pediatrician. It’s her first time back at Bar Max since before the pandemic started.

“It does feel more normal,” Bruns told CBS4’s Andrea Flores. “I feel comfortable knowing that the people around me are vaccinated, and especially knowing that the support staff and wait staff are also protected makes me feel comfortable not putting my mask on every time they come to drop off a drink or food.”

Smith says people feel safe thanks to an extra layer of protection.

“Folks can actually talk to someone they don’t know, which might be exciting for some folks who have been holed up for a year and change,” he joked.

With a 100% vaccination rate for the bar, patrons like Bruns hope it stays that way.

“There are many places that you can go and have a drink, and if you don’t want to prove that you’re vaccinated, that’s okay,” Bruns said. “You can go somewhere else and wear your mask.”

Smith says he will let science drive his decisions for the bar. For now, he will continue to require proof of vaccination and has no plans to change the policy.

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