We asked the specialists exactly how to treat them

The solitary crucial point we can do to help delay the spread of COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus that’s sweeping throughout the world, is to wash our hands.

Guidelines suggest we clean them for at the very least 20 seconds, with soap and cozy water, before we touch our faces or eat, along with using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if water isn’t offered.

While we’re more than happy to follow these guidelines – – it ‘s the the very least we can do in the face of a crisis – – it is leaving the skin on our hands instead dry. Combined with the winter and also main home heating, it’s a recipe for cracked and also completely dry skin.

“Washing your hands repeatedly, especially in the winter months can truly take its toll and dry your skin, as the natural oils are removed. This can be further worsened by the cool air outside as well as drying out effects of main heating and is especially bothersome for those with pre-existing skin disease such as eczema,” clarifies specialist skin doctor, Dr Daniel Glass from The Dermatology Clinic London.

Sara Waterman, leading Aesthetician and also Skincare Expert at Young LDN, agrees; “Over time exceedingly washing your hands and utilizing hand sanitisers will diminish the skin’s all-natural protective obstacle. This subsequently, can leave the hands feeling dry and sore.”

Below’s exactly how you must take care of chapped, cracked skin while still staying risk-free as well as washing your hands regularly and also extensively…


Some soaps as well as hand sanitisers aggravate the skin because of the chemicals utilized that include lathering cleaning agents and representatives, so it’s crucial to minimize as many non-essential irritants as feasible. “It is significantly important to make certain that we moisturise regularly and try to opt for soaps and also moisturisers which are fragrance-free as well as include the least potential irritants,” discusses Dr Glass.


While there are many different sort of moisturisers, the best ones to make use of on exceptionally completely dry skin are those which consist of paraffin wax. “There are various lipid bases as well as solvents made use of in moisturisers. Among the much more reliable moisturisers is possibly white soft paraffin (petrolatum), which occludes the skin well decreasing water loss,” says Dr Glass. Pure paraffin wax is greasy and messy to use, yet there are a number of moisturisers on the market which contain paraffin amongst their ingredients, like Cetraben Cream, Cetaphil Hand Cream and CereVe Hand Cream.


It’s easy to make an intensive moisturising mask for your hands in your home. All you’ll need is an abundant lotion, ideally one containing paraffin wax, as well as a set of latex or non-latex gloves, or some cling film. Massage therapy cream into the issue locations, and also cover with the gloves or movie. Leave for half an hour before getting rid of and massaging in the extra.


If your hands ache as well as your skin completely dry, it can be tempting for discard the complete 20-second hand laundry, yet it’s never ever been so important to maintain high standards of hand hygiene. “In times when too much danger of infection is present, dry chapped hands are a much better selection,” claims Sara.

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