101-year-old woman says her secret to a long life is a loving relationship with her younger husband

A 101-year old woman has revealed her secret to a young life, crediting her marriage to a younger man. Edna Twivey of Strathaven, a former nurse who treated injured troops in WWII, continues to enjoy an active life which includes overseas travel.

And according to Edna, who recently returned from a Scandinavian cruise, it is the enduring love of her husband that keeps her young.

David, who at 90-years-old is 11 years younger than his centenarian wife, is described by Edna as her ‘rock’.

The couple met more than 60 years ago at a Scottish Country dancing class in London. Describing their relationship, Edna said: ‘Family is everything and David, is my rock. The love we have keeps us both young!’

Edna Twivey (pictured, centre, with Day Services at Stonehouse Lifestyles staff) recently celebrated turning 101-years-old

The couple already have further travel plans, with their next holiday being a river cruise in Holland.

Edna Twivey (pictured, centre, with Day Services at Stonehouse Lifestyles staff) recently celebrated turning 101-years-old

In addition to her marriage, Edna says the support she receives from local social care staff helps keep her young and active.

She regularly attends Day Services at Stonehouse Lifestyles, run by South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

Staff at the service — which aims to provide support, activity, and stimulation to people who need it, as well as provide respite for carers — recently held a party to celebrate Edna’s birthday.

It was the second ‘do held in Edna’s honour: she attended a party on her actual birthday in Newcastle, alongside her wider family.

Talking about the services, the London born pensioner said: ‘As a nurse all my working life, and during the testing times of war, I was always focussed on providing care.’

Now, she added, the ‘tables have turned’, and she is a ‘recipient of support, and benefitting from the added reassurance of being connected to a community in Strathaven’.

She went on to describe the service as a ‘god-send’, and said the staff and fellow service users are thoughtful, as demonstrated by the party they put together.

One of the guests at the event was Provost Margaret Cooper, who described meeting Edna as ‘an absolute pleasure’.

She added that spending time with her on her special day was a ‘joy’, and that it’s clear how well-thought of the centenarian is among all her fellow service users as well as the staff.

Describing the relationship Edna has with her husband, Margaret said it was ‘lovely’ to see how ‘absolutely devoted’ David is to her.

Also praising Edna was her key worker Angela Alexander, who said the 101-year-old is always appreciative of staff, and frequently thanks them for the work they do.

The pensioner will point out how she used to do their job when she was a nurse, and now it is her turn to be cared for, Angela added.

Describing how Edna will reminisce about nursing WWII soldiers in a London hospital, Angela said the former nurse would never stand for any of the soldiers’ misbehaviour.

On the occasions she would scold them and sternly order them back to bed, they would do as they were told, Angela added.

Also in attendance at the birthday bash was Deputy Lieutenant Janet Low, representing the king.

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