Game-changing new erectile dysfunction gel that works within 10 minutes is now on sale in Boots

A ‘breakthrough’ erectile dysfunction treatment that works within ten minutes has just launched in Britain.

Eroxon is the first topical impotence gel that can be bought without a prescription. Trials have shown it to be effective.

It will be sold over-the-counter in Boots in the UK and Ireland from today for £24.99. Each packet will come with four single-use gels.

The gel is an alternative to standard treatments such as Viagra, which come in pill form and can take up to an hour to kick in. Such drugs are not suitable for all men, either.

Eroxon is the first topical gel for impotence that’s been proven to work in clinical trials, and available to buy without a prescription

Eroxon is the first topical gel for impotence that's been proven to work in clinical trials, and available to buy without a prescription

A phase 3 trial of 250 men showed that after using Eroxon for 12 weeks, 63 per cent of men with erectile dysfunction saw improvements.

Its effects were confirmed in a second phase 3 trial, involving 47 men and spanning 24 weeks, with 61 per cent of men seeing a meaningful change.

Effects were usually seen within just 10 minutes.

Few side effects were reported during the trials, which included men with moderate to severe ED.

These included headaches, nausea and skin irritation.

Components in the gel evaporate, causing rapid cooling of the penis that stimulates the nerve endings.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Most men occasionally struggle to get or keep an erection due to stress, tiredness, anxiety or drinking too much alcohol.

But up to one in five men in the UK (4.3million) and 30million in the US suffer erectile dysfunction — when this keeps happening.

It can be caused by high blood pressure or cholesterol, hormone problems or side effects from medication.

Medicines containing sildenafil, originally developed to treat angina, are often used to treat the condition.

The NHS recommends that ED sufferers lose weight, quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise daily and lower stress and anxiety.

A secondary slower, warming action further activates neurotransmitters which leads to the generation of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is key for erections because it relaxes muscles in the erectile tissues of the penis, allowing blood to flow into it and cause stiffness.

Like the little blue pill, which was originally developed to treat angina, Eroxon was also created by accident.

Scientists at Futura Medical, the UK-based pharmaceutical company behind the treatment, were researching whether gel forms of angina medication could be used as an ED treatment.

They made a fast-evaporating gel that the drug could be added to and used this gel on its own as a placebo in trials.

But results showed that the gel on its own was equally as effective as the angina gel.

Dr Hilary Jones, TV GP and an adviser to the Eroxon ED Information Panel (EEDIP), said: ‘Eroxon offers a breakthrough for sexual wellness.

‘Eroxon gel ensures sexual spontaneity remains intact thanks to its speed of action.

‘Previous ED treatments can take up to an hour to work, potentially destroying any intimacy.

‘Plus, super studies show that almost 50 per cent of men actually gave up using them.’

Professor David Ralph, consultant urologist and past President of the European Society of Sexual Medicine, said: ‘The efficacy of Eroxon is remarkable and approaches the efficacy of current first-line therapy but with significantly lower adverse events.’

The main treatment for ED are PDE-5 inhibitors, which include sildenafil, branded as Viagra.

They work by increasing blood vessel dilation and blocking PDE-5, an enzyme that is responsible for controlling blood flow to the penis.

While hugely beneficial to some, Viagra has limitations, including that people with a number of health conditions, such as heart disease or low blood pressure, cannot take them.

Viagra takes at least 30 minutes to work, potentially more depending on whether someone has eaten.

It has ‘common’ side effects such as headache, facial flushing and dizziness, according to the NHS.

Various creams and gels that claim to help men in the bedroom are available, but either aren’t scientifically proven to work or need a prescription — such as Vitaros cream, which also works by dilating blood vessels.

ED affects up to half of men over the age of 40, studies show.

Conditions related to ageing, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are underlying causes.

But psychological factors, such as anxiety, depression, stress or performance anxiety, can be profound, more commonly the cause of ED in younger men, who are increasingly presenting with the condition.

A 2023 Omnibus survey of more than 1,000 ED sufferers and their partners revealed half of men have a sense of failure and 15 per cent avoid sex all together because of it.

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