How to Spot a Manipulator – 4 Classic Traits

In life we cannot avoid manipulative people, they can appear in any form as a parent, friend, family member or a romantic partner. In order to protect ourselves, what we must do is know more about these people in order to recognize them.

You see, manipulative people are masters when it comes to deception. At first, they might seem honest and respectful, but this is just their mask. It is a way to draw you in a relationship where later they will show who they truly are.

Manipulative people are not genuinely interested in you; they just want to use you as something which can help them reach their goals and plans. Usually, they play the victim, and they will make you believe that you are the one that causes the problem.

Also, they do not take responsibility for anything. They can be nice and then passive-aggressive one minute; they do this to keep you guessing and to make you prey on your insecurities and fears.

Can you recognize a manipulative person and protect yourself? If no, then read on. Below you will find traits of manipulative people and ways to protect yourself.

4 Traits of Manipulative People and Ways to Protect Yourself

#1 Manipulative People at The Start

They prey on emotional sensitivity, sensibility, and conscientiousness. They know that they can draw you in a relationship since you are a caring and kind person and want to help.

At first, they might cater to your kindness and goodness, and they might praise you for the great person you are. However, later they will show their true colors; they will forget about your qualities and focus on your flaws.

They will praise your qualities only when you will need to do something for them.

#2 It’s All About Them

They often lack insight into the way they act towards others. Frequently they make their own scenarios, and they always believe that their way of dealing with a situation is the best way.

As long as their needs are met, and everyone plays by their rules they are happy, if not then the real demon shows up. All relationships and situations are about them and what others think or feel does not matter to them.

They do not question themselves; when it comes to manipulative people, they always see the problem with other people it is never in them.

#3 They Try to Confuse You

Manipulative people will try to confuse you. How can you protect yourself? You need to examine what you believe, and you should do it regularly. Most people do not do this enough.

You see, as life progresses it is normal for attitudes and beliefs to change, and people are aware that these changing ideas might impact us.

But at some point, when you do not know what to believe it is easy to let someone else (sure of their beliefs) manipulate you.

Remember this, when it comes to controlling people the best instrument is lies because people live by beliefs and beliefs can be easily manipulated.

#4 They Manipulate with Words

Manipulative people usually try to manipulate you with their promises and words. In order to protect yourself, you must characterize people by their actions. Don’t let their words fool you.

You know the old saying: “Actions speak louder than words.” Observe them closely, and don’t make excuses for them. Usually, my dear, with these people what you see is what you get.

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