How to do self massage

There are basic principles that you should know before proceeding with self-massage. It is done with a body position that allows you to relax the muscles that you are going to act on. Self-massage is done along the blood stream, from the periphery to the heart.

Before you make yourself a massage, you need to know in which cases it is not necessary to use it. This procedure can not be done for any inflammatory diseases, allergic reactions, purulent processes, fever, bleeding and abdominal pain.

Massage of the hands begins from the fingers, reaches the elbow, and from the elbow to the armpit. The armpits themselves cannot be massaged, since there are lymph nodes. This applies to the groin and popliteal fossa. Massage of the lymph nodes is prohibited.

Hand movements on the back go from the spine to the sides. The neck is kneaded from the scalp down. The legs are massaged from the fingers to the knees and rise higher to the pelvis. On the chest, massage begins in the center, on the sternum, and moves to the armpits.

Self-massage of the neck. Allows you to relieve painful cramps, cope with fatigue and relax muscles. It is necessary to massage both the neck and the collar zone. It is best to massage with two hands at once. You can carry out the procedure both sitting and standing. During the massage you need to avoid the area of ​​the spine. Hands should be firmly pressed to the skin. You need to start and end the session by stroking the back of the neck, moving to the shoulders. Then, stretch the muscles with tight circular motions with the fingertips, then with tissue shifts to the sides. Rubbing the area of ​​palms along the seventh vertebra well helps.

Massage of the hands. As you know, there are many nerve endings on the hands that are associated with the work of internal organs. Self-massage of hands will help relieve general body fatigue, improve well-being, increase working capacity and attention. You need to start the procedure with rubbing your palms from each other to warm up the tissue. Then, with intensive spiral movements, rub the back side of one hand with the palm of the other, moving from the fingers up.

Make a “castle” several times by straightening your arms in front of you. Knead each finger, rising from the nail to the base. Rubbing the fingers first at the top and bottom, then from the sides. Knead each palm in a circular motion. On the back side with pinches, stretch the skin, as if rubbing it between the fingers. Gently extend each finger. Finish the procedure by stroking the palms.

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