Back massage with a herniated spine

Diseases of the spine form the difficulties of the human body. As in the course of the pathology affects the circulatory system, and in some cases even the performance of the internal organs.

When herniation of the spine, narrowing the spinal canal that compresses the spinal cord and compression of the nerve roots, which, in turn, frustrates some of the human body.

The result of such transformations can be plentiful back pain, loss of sensation and inflammation of human organs. Back massage with a herniated spine is one of the best methods to resume the spine.

Types of massage

To perform the procedure when the hernia of the spine have a skilled therapist, you should not entrust this matter to autodidacts. All the actions performed during the procedure must be agreed with the specialist. The course of treatment will help to reduce pain, prevent muscle atrophy and reduce agitation of nerve endings. Can I do massage during a flare-up? Every doctor would definitely answer: “No.” During a pain patient do not have to endure the procedure, in one position, especially for any effect causing the pain.

When herniated, you can perform the following types of massage:

  • classic;
  • point;
  • Thai;
  • segmental;
  • honey;
  • Swedish;
  • cupping.

What type will suit the patient and what is the duration of treatment should determine the specialist. To perform the massage is pretty neat.

Rules of conduct and the necessity of the procedure

There is a small amount of the main rules of massage herniation of the spine, which in response can provide the performance of its implementation. These include:

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  • The implementation of the massage of the spine must be agreed with the specialist.
  • It is only performed by a competent person.
  • Before you begin the massage, lie down on your stomach and relax.
  • Your hands will depend on the massaged part of the body of the patient.
  • The first session should take a bit of time, it need to spend about 10-15 minutes on subsequent procedures, the session duration can be increased.

Is it possible to do a back massage when herniated, and why is it needed:

  • decrease pain;
  • reduces muscle tension;
  • improves blood circulation in the affected area;
  • promotes rapid recovery of the patient;
  • reduces the risk of the acute form of the disease in a chronic form.

As with all treatments, back massage, hernia of the spine has its limitations. But in spite of this, in certain cases, they can badly affect the health of the patient. So you need to know that massage can be carried out only after full inspection and expert explanations of all the existing complications.

To perform the procedure when the hernia of the spine is prohibited:

  • at an elevated temperature;
  • if there are allergic rashes;
  • during the disorders of the intestinal tract;
  • for diseases in Oncology;
  • when hemorrhage;
  • in diseases of the skin;
  • during a time of increased pressure;
  • during pregnancy.
Classic massage

The most effective way of reactivating the health of a herniated backbone is dedicated to this type of procedure. When the implementation should follow the following steps:

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  1. Stroking. The first thing to do is a stroking motion with his hands from top to bottom and then Vice versa. They will help reduce profuse back pain, increase lymph flow and calm the nervous system.
  2. Rubbing. This can apply the oils, they will help you to perform smooth movements with the patient’s skin. These actions are characterized by active rubbing of the affected part of the body. These actions will help to improve the movement of the vertebrae, decrease muscle tension, activating the right reduction of fibers.
  3. Kneading. It is characterized by the compression of seizure and chafing of the skin of the patient. As a result of these actions there is a significant improvement of muscle work, is the restoration of normal metabolic processes and decreases the voltage.

Acupressure massage is characterized by the biologically energetic points. On the human body there are approximately seven hundred points of this kind, but used about a hundred. The procedure can be of two types: activating and discharge. Discharge massage of your back, experts advise to perform to reduce the stress state of the muscles and painful sensations. Technology this procedure is carried out using fingers, fists and elbows on specific points of the patient’s back. The pressure must be different powers and different time period. This type of massage is quite unpleasant, but the result after.

Segmental massage

At the time of the procedure professional specific movements affecting the region in places out of the nerve roots. Moreover, you should pay attention to the advantages of this kind of procedure:

Segmental massage

  • the performance;
  • low price relative to other types of massage;
  • short lead time;
  • pretty quick results;
  • slight sensations of pain.
Honey massage

When performing such therapeutic and preventive effects on the human body, the experts use honey. The stickiness of the hands irritates the receptors of the skin, thereby improving the health of the patient. As this product involves a large number of vitamins, minerals and other necessary substances, then when they penetrate the human body and, more precisely, in the region of the back. The procedure is characterized by the pouring of liquid honey on the back of the patient and implementation of clapping movements.

Swedish massage

At the time of this procedure relate solely to the hands of the upper layer of muscle tissue. This is because this massage is focused on stretching the back muscles and reducing back strain. This type of massage, like other listed, improves blood circulation, regulates metabolism and calms the nervous system. But it is necessary with the fingers bent. This significantly reduces the pain at the time of the execution of this procedure.

Cupping massage

Cupping massage

To carry out this procedure it is necessary to apply special banks. They should be put on the painful back and, due to the formation of a vacuum, they are conducive to promoting blood circulation and regulate the process of metabolism in tissues. In addition, displays the toxic substances from the body, improves the performance of muscles and reduces the pain. But it is not so important as the fact that after this procedure the patient will feel significant improvement in health status.

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