How often to visit a gynecologist?

Undergoing regular examinations is important, even if you feel great and do not experience any unpleasant sensations.

3 reasons for a mandatory trip to the gynecologist

If you notice one of the following symptoms in the body, a gynecologist in St. Petersburg will help determine the cause of its appearance:

1. Bleeding outside the period of menstruation.

If you notice unplanned bleeding, and it continues for several days, consult your gynecologist immediately. This may be a symptom of a pelvic infection, cyst, fibroids, polyps, or, in rarer cases, cancer.

2. Unpleasant sensations during sex.

Pain during intercourse is actually quite common, and in most cases is eliminated by repositioning or blurring. Severe pain can also be a signal of endometriosis, and sudden acute pain can indicate an rupture of an ovarian cyst. FAC Medical Center provides assistance of qualified specialists who help determine the cause of the problem and select the optimal treatment program.

3. You have problems with arousal or orgasm.

Of course, this is not a life-threatening problem, but it can interfere with being close with a partner and experiencing pleasure. You should not be shy to bring any sexual problems to the gynecologist.

In addition to gynecological care, patients of the medical center receive a full range of services in the field of urology, cardiology, cosmetology, otolaryngology, mammology, oncology, therapy, neurology and others.

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