How is osteopathy associated with cosmetology?

The body constantly presents surprises – sometimes the most unexpected things, which at first glance are in no way connected with each other, can have a serious impact on many processes. For example, few people know that osteopathy can both accelerate and slow down skin aging.

Slowing down facial aging with osteopathy

Of course, the aging process is irreversible, but we often unwittingly contribute to its acceleration. Professional cosmetologists suggest combating aging with complex methods, namely, acting not only on the skin itself, but also on the muscles and bone structures, thereby ensuring normal blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin.

Osteopathy – what is the relationship with the skin?

Indeed, osteopathy can help solve the problem of permanent bags under the eyes, as well as tighten the skin, if necessary.

1 facial massage

Using this simple procedure, you can improve complexion and remove swelling, in addition, facial wrinkles will be noticeably reduced. However, you must complete the whole course, otherwise the procedure simply does not make sense.

Use a special cream or oil during the massage, but do not press hard so as not to stretch the skin even more. Move along the massage lines – from the center of the forehead to the periphery, as well as from the bottom up, moving from the neck.

Muscular gymnastics

Muscle pumping is necessary not only for the body, but also for our face, although few people think about it. If you have a problem with flabbiness and an unhealthy complexion, gymnastics is your way out of the situation. There are several basic exercises for different muscle groups of the face that need to be worked out several times a week.

Do not overload the body

We are used to carrying heavy bags from stores, we cannot imagine life without high heels, and meanwhile we cause irreparable harm to the spine, which is why we face big problems with bones and joints in the future. And the facial skin will not thank you – because of the clamps in the vertebrae, blood circulation in the tissues is disturbed, the skin receives little oxygen, as a result – sagging and early wrinkles. An osteopath in this case will help to prescribe the necessary set of exercises.

Add more fiber to your diet

Indeed, we are what we eat. In addition to the fact that many people live in a metropolis, where you unwittingly receive a portion of harmful fumes every day, you also achieve yourself by improper nutrition. To improve metabolism, change your diet by adding more vegetables to help flush out more toxins.

love yourself

One of the best friends of progressive aging is stress. Of course, emotions cannot be completely avoided, but it is within our power to reduce it. Try to get enough sleep to give the brain the necessary discharge, otherwise you will spend all day in tension, which will result in the appearance of additional wrinkles. A visit to an osteopath once a year will help to remove muscle clamps, which we provoke ourselves with a constant “nervous”.

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