Art vumbilding and imbuilding: exercises for the training of intimate muscles of a woman.

The vumbilding, or otherwise, the imbuilding technique is a true art of intimate muscles a workout woman. Have You ever thought for once that doing special exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, You will be able to get rid of many difficulties in the future? No?

Well, be patient and try to read this article till the end as You may change your mind and take in the art, which was owned by the women of ancient times, for example, geisha.

Since ancient times in different cultures and different Nations, there was a “secret” practices for the maintenance of intimate muscles in tone, but I knew about them, not all but only dedicated to the “priestesses of love”.

The earliest sources that describe the art vumbilding were ancient treatises such as the “Kama Sutra,” “Tantra”.

In ancient society saw nothing shameful in such techniques and understand the benefits that they bring as a woman and his male lover. But along with the development of Western society, gradually began to fade human knowledge about the ancient techniques of love. In

Puritan society women were brought up so that they knew nothing about the peculiarities of sexual life, and everything that somehow was connected with sex life was regarded as something dirty, unacceptable and contrary to morality. It lasted a very long time until the twentieth century, in this century, was the famous sexual revolution. Since then began a gradual recovery and improvement of ancient techniques of love, XX century can be considered the beginning of the birth of this art, as the vumbilding/imbuilding.

A great contribution to the development of intimate muscles women made such a famous person – a gynecologist, as Arnold Kegel, he dealt with the problem of urinary incontinence in women after childbirth. In the course of the research, the Professor found out that this problem is caused by the fact that some women after childbirth intimate muscles are very weak, then Kegel developed some exercises for women, which could be inflated to intimate muscles. At the time Arnold Kegel and had no idea what a useful discovery he made.

Why you should train intimate muscles.

In today’s world most women have the weakness of intimate muscles caused by irregular sexual life and a sedentary lifestyle.

If You are concerned about the following signs of weakness in the intimate muscles, you should consider to begin to do special exercises.

  • Urinary incontinence in some circumstances, for example, laughing, sneezing, heavy lifting;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Prolapse of the vaginal walls;
  • The ingress of air into the vagina during sex or bending;
  • Is the water inside a woman’s vagina.

Of course, the above reasons are not the only motivators for training of intimate muscles of a woman. When doing vumbilding woman would receive the whole complex of “bonuses” that measurably improve the quality of her life.

After performing the special exercises at the woman observed the elasticity and firmness of the tissues of the vagina, improves blood circulation of pelvic organs. Also training in imbuilding help a woman to prepare for childbirth (childbirth are easier), to recover from childbirth, for example, to get rid of urinary incontinence after childbirth. But most women begin to engage in special training not for the same reasons listed above, but because classes vumbilding significantly improve the quality of sexual life.

Some women, for example, only after exercising over their intimate muscles were able to get vaginal orgasm.

Everything else I want to add that a woman who has mastered the ancient art of the geisha, will be able to give your man such a strong feeling in sex, what he nowhere on it does not go anywhere.

Methods of training of intimate muscles.

The advantage vumbilding/imbuilding is that special exercises a woman can perform at home.

Kegel Exercises.

Among all known methods of training of intimate muscles women, Kegel exercises have received the greatest prominence. And this is not surprising because this technique is basic and is widely used in the art vumbilding and imbuilding. Perform exercises to strengthen the lower compression of the muscles of the vaginal canal, and after visible results have been achieved, moving to the next stage of the imbuilding technique.

Here are some examples of Kegel exercises:

The simplest way is to imagine that You want to use the toilet “small”. The essence of this exercise is that You do so (using muscles) as if You wanted to stop a stream of urine, not moving with the legs.

On make these very simple techniques:
  1. Within 10 seconds, try as quickly as possible to compress and relax the vaginal muscles, and then relax for 10 seconds. This technique need to perform 3 sets.
  2. The second method is similar to the first. You’ll need to do the same, but for 5 seconds and relax now do not need 10 seconds, and 5 and repeat this exercise as early as 9 approaches.
  3. Finishing move: squeeze Your intimate muscles for 30 seconds and also relax for 30 seconds. To repeat 2 times.

As you can see, nothing complicated in these women, and any woman can perform at home or in any other convenient place and in convenient time. The basic principle underlying kegels is that the woman was squeezing and relaxing pelvic floor muscles, so You can even develop for themselves a set of exercises.

Gradually from basic exercises move on to the rest of the imbuilding technique, that is, learn to “squeeze” the upper part of the vaginal canal with the press and diaphragm. Everything else, for best results, women are recommended to use special equipment for vumbilding (laser simulator, pneumatic simulator, different loads and balls).

Of course, all exercises can be easily performed in the home, but an untrained woman who is facing this for the first time can seem difficult to master the art of vumbilding, so now there are enough different schools for the training of intimate muscles. In these schools experienced instructor will help and tell you how to properly perform specific exercises, sometimes even just one class. Those women who dare to engage in vumbilding, I want to wish success and patience during the development of muscles of love.

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