4 Reasons Donald Trump Jr. As Well As Vanessa May Be Divorcing

I think I should make it known, at once, that I’m not a follower of Donald Trump Jr. or his dad. There may be a bit of an angle to this post. It won’t be “fake news” but it possibly won’t be a complementary viewpoint piece either on the Donald Trump Jr. divorce.

Rumors have been swirling about why Don Jr. and his better half are separating since the day they announced their divorce.

On March 15, star gossip website Page Sixreported that Vanessa Trump filed for separation that mid-day in Manhattan Supreme Court. Don Jr. as well as Vanessa, both 40, wed in 2005. They validated the information in the adhering to joint message to Page Six:

” After 12 years of marital relationship, we have chosen to go our different means. We will certainly always have incredible respect for each and every other and our households. We have five lovely youngsters with each other as well as they stay our top priority. We ask for your personal privacy during this time.”

donald trump jr. divorce

Since that day I’ve listened to numerous reasons why Donald Jr. and Vanessa are dating.

Some pertaining to politics, some others much more salacious.

Below are 3 reasons Don Jr. and Vanessa may be divorcing, according to the Internet.

1. Don Jr. had an event with Aubrey O’Day. I’m assuming this isn’t the factor. This affair occurred in 2011. That is 7 years earlier. Who waits to divorce their husband as a result of an event for 7 years? No person!

2. Don Jr. is thrifty and also maintains Vanessa on a limited budget. So tight that she has, in the past, had to go to her parents for economic aid. This made me question, does he maintain her on a tight budget or, is he not as well-off as he holds himself out to be and just plain has nothing else choice but avarice?

3. One of the reported reasons consists of Vanessa’s reported annoyance with Don Jr.’s social media habits. Have you had a look at his Instagram account? He is everything about playing the married man and excellent papa. Yet, it’s reported that, actually, he prefers hunting or golf or hanging at Mar-A-Largo to time with his household.

4. Below is the one I’m a lot more inclined to believe.

Vanessa apply for an uncontested separation and employed a CRIMINAL lawyer instead of a family members law lawyer. Most of us know that Don Jr. is in warm water with special counsel Robert Mueller so, speculation is … Don Jr. as well as Vanessa are separating in an effort to safeguard marital possessions in case he goes to prison. Her criminal attorney as opposed to household regulation attorney could be to prepare for any feasible questioning of her concerning what she might or may not know about her future ex-husband’s criminal activities in connection with Donald Trumps project and also presidency.

The reality that they invested Easter weekend break together as a family members, flying together on Air Force One from Mar-A-Largo to the Whitehouse as well as, I may add, looking quite close cements my viewpoint that this separation is a method for them to secure themselves and their assets versus the legal storm headed Don Jr’s way.

Divorce can be an ugly, shabby mess however, however, so can Don Jr. My heart breaks for his children but when I consider the listing of factors listed below to do not like the guy I don’t pity him his separation as well as will not really feel any type of despair if he winds up behind bars.

He contrasted Syrian refugees to Skittles

He’s a big-game hunter

He uses disrespectful language and also harassing shenanigans on Twitter

He’s been called a white nationalist and also behaves like one.

If not having the ability to make use of Daddy as a stepping stone would he also have the skills to wait tables?

Despite your national politics, like his daddy, Don Jr. is a polarizing character that makes it simple for a few of us to dislike him.

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