4 Ways The Family Court Fails To Protect Women During a High Conflict Divorce

My separation was tame contrasted to some. There were no residential misuse concerns, no custodianship fight issues; we went our different methods without physical damage done.

I can’t claim the exact same regarding emotional harm but, as I learned the Family Court System is unfit to deal with the conflict created when a man has a character disorder or is determined on utilizing the system to penalize their ex.

In fact, it is my point of view the Family Court System is ill-equipped to safeguard any person whose divorce is high conflict. Juries, Attorneys, Psychologists, and also various other court-appointed employees EXPECT divorce to be one size fits all and when it isn’t lack the skills to sustain civility.

What you get are platitudes as well as a mindset that if you are involved with an ex-spouse who develops dispute you must be playing a role in the dispute also.

If I had a buck for every single person I’ve heard from and worked with who felt pull down by the Family Court System, I would certainly be showing off a new pair of Manolo Blahniks.

family court fails to protect women

How the family members court fails to safeguard ladies. 1. Contempt of Court: If a guy fails to pay youngster support or resists a part of the court-ordered divorce mandate, there is the capacity to “seek the court for ridicule.” The only problem, it will cost you lawyer fees to do so, and also hardly ever is a defendant held responsible when discovered “in ridicule.”

In my years working in the divorce sector, I’ve not heard one tale in which a bold, in contempt male, was held responsible by a Judge. If you are a mommy dependent on child assistance you will certainly locate really little protection from the Family Court System.

2. Crushing Financial Expense: If you are taken part in a guardianship fight or high problem divorce you will find little or no lawful assistance from the Family Court System. Specifically if you are in a “he stated, she claimed” situation that boosts the moment associated with the separation process. Judges have little patience for those that stall their docket as well as separation lawyers that flourish on lengthening the problem to improve their method not do anything but urge the conflict.

3. The Best Interest of the Children: The Family Court is set up to safeguard the legal rights of both moms and dads, which consequently will apparently protect the civil liberties of the youngster. This concept is indicated to be in the most effective rate of interest of the kid considering that the emphasis gets on equitable legal rights for both moms and dads. But, exactly how do you “equitably” divide a youngster?

When one moms and dad feels they are better equipped the treatment for children than the various other moms and dad, protection fights take place. Individuality disordered people will certainly utilize the Family Court System to abuse an ex-spouse which leaves the youngsters as collateral sufferers.

Courts are hectic, unconvinced people who have actually packed dockets and little tolerance for quarreling parents or the personality disordered father. They are extra interested in obtaining an instance “resolved” and clearing up their docket than putting in the time required to distinguish between reality or fiction as well as ultimately, doing what is really in the “best interest of the kids.”

4. Residential Abuse Cases: Abusers utilize the court system to apply control over an ex-spouse. They adjust lawyers and judges who end up playing a role in more harm being done to the ex-wife and also kids birthed to the couples. The very individuals that the courts are sworn to shield!

When a mother, the parent probably to make complaints of abuse of herself or her kids gets in the Family Court System she and also her complaints of residential abuse are met with uncertainty and it has actually been my experience that judges do not want to hear it.

Numerous mommies are tuned out as well as ended up into the chilly with few resources because the Family Court System prefer to hear a tale of teamwork … the “delighted divorce” obtains far more focus than the high conflict divorce. Happy divorces, those with little or no problem are fast as well as simple for a judge to run with his/her docket.

Last Thoughts:

Here is an example from personal history with the Family Court System of just how women are watched if you try to utilize the system to protect yourself and your children. I have a good friend that is a divorce attorney. She has been privy to the problems in my divorce that maintained my ex-husband and also me in and out of court for seven years. She knows how many times he opposed our separation contract and what that defiance me for the kids and I.

I recently uploaded a talk about a Facebook discussion she was having concerning something that had actually happened in the neighborhood Family Court. It is has been years considering that I’ve been associated with that specific court system but, as a result of my profession, I continue to be interested concerning modifications.

When I questioned her concerning the concern, asking about names and the particulars she responded to me by claiming, “Please Cathy, do not stir the pot.” Mix the pot? Her belief that I am a pot stirrer is based on the reality that my ex lover defied every aspect of our last separation decree as well as I submitted petitions for ridicule to have him held responsible. I’m the bad guy for holding him responsible!!

In my good friend’s eyes, I’m someone who stirs the pot or makes waves because I expected a system that is established to shield my kids as well as me, to actually safeguard us. I had the audacity to utilize the system in the way it was set up to be utilized. And due to that, I am checked out in a much more unfavorable light than the person that defied orders from the judge, psychologically abused his children and triggered those he left behind severe financial and also psychological distress.

Bottom line, the Family Court System fails us by not shielding those that make use of the system as the system was created to be used. If you are a mommy attempting to secure your children, your assets or your legal rights by means of the Family Court System, the cards are stacked versus you.

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