Codependency in the Aftermath of Divorce: Why Are You Still Giving Your Power Away?

There are lots of methods to describe Codependency, but also for the purpose of intimate relationships, I will use this set. This definition was given by Scott Wetzler, Ph.D., “Codependent relationships signify a degree of harmful clinginess, where one person doesn’t have self-sufficiency or autonomy.

One or both parties depend on their loved one for gratification.”

When we are not standing in our reality, I believe we are all codependent. When we do not recognize that we are we look to those closest to us, in this case, our companion, to meet our very own demands: economically, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. That’s an uphill struggle! Envision a single person having the job of making you delighted? This resembles stating your partner is your one-stop-shop for fulfilling all your demands, and when they don’t satisfy all your requirements because that is an impossible task, you produce harmful assumptions.

The reality is no one can make you satisfied. No one can “finish you.” Sure there are some individuals that such as having a codependent relationship, yet usually it’s since they want power over you. At some point, the spirit yearns for flexibility; freedom to be that you are, as well as if it does not get that liberty, satisfaction will never ever come.

Why bring up codependency in the results of separation? Since exactly how you do anything is just how you do everything. , if you were codependent in your marriage you will still be codependent in divorce.. You may still be very codependent with your ex-spouse. A lot of marital relationships do not pertain to an end consciously by themselves, often times one of the events does not also wish to separation. They might not recognize that they lack their companion, because their identification is tied to that they were as a couple. This is by definition what it suggests to lack freedom …” I don’t recognize that I am without you.”

giving my power away

I obtain it. I began dating my partner when we were teenagers. We were simply kids. We had no suggestion that we also were. We were together for 19 years. It was as if we had actually changed right into the exact same being. It was not till my mid-thirties that my heart hungered for autonomy. It yearned for to recognize who it was, apart from being a partner and a mommy. Due to the fact that I depended on my companion to lug me … to lug us, I had no concept who I was. It was unfair, not only to him however to my spirit.

It really did not quit there. Even in the after-effects of divorce, I was still codependent. There I was, desiring out of this marriage, food craving the freedom to be who I was, yet still giving my power away. This was so refined that the nude eye couldn’t even capture it.

I needed him to make me really feel substantial, I needed him to validate me as an excellent mom, I needed him to respect me, I required him to recognize that I can being on my own, and I needed him to understand that I was powerful.


This was the energy I was giving him, the power I was handing out as if I was howling to deep space that I had not been enough. I was saying that I needed someone else in order to feel worthwhile, in order to be satisfied. Exactly how was it that I needed someone a lot that I was trying to separate from? It was the supreme contradiction. My spirit required freedom, yet my ego needed recognition to feel deserving. It was a need that was difficult to fill up by someone else.

This energy was the ignitor for a tug-of-war throughout my separation, and it maintained me vigorously connected … it maintained us attached. This is what it indicates to be physically divorced however still energetically wed … to be energetically affixed to an individual you were previously bonded with totally. Your spirits linked at one factor, and also in separation, it does not disappear after signing divorce papers. This takes awareness.

I ultimately understood completely in which I was providing my power away, and what I required to do in order to recover it. You understand when you are no more codependent when you are no longer caused, and they no more have the power to bring you to your knees. When absolutely nothing anyone does, takes or says away causes you to react any type of longer. Say goodbye to energy is handed out, no more power is handed over carelessly. You begin to start remembering that you are, and also you remember just how powerful you are.

I was done playing tug-of-war. I invested too many years holding onto that rope so limited that letting go felt like outright freedom to my soul. It was a liberty that I never ever recognized existed yet inside remembered it as my real essence. Flexibility originated from recognizing that I really did not require any individual to make me feel worthy which it was time to find who I was and what I can in this lifetime. This originated from gradually detaching to what was taking my power away and also reconnecting to myself, to my truth.

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