Separation Tip Tuesday: The Aftermath Of Divorce From a Narcissist

The Aftermath Of Divorce From a Narcissist. , if you’re separated from a narcissist you understand that the dispute has actually continued after your divorce was completed.. Divorce doesn’t put an end to the irrational actions of a narcissist.

In fact, separation ramps it up and also causes him to become worse.

And his ramped up narcissistic actions can have you constantly spinning your wheels, staying in a state of raised anxiety and reacting in ways that aren’t healthy and balanced for you.

If you do not learn just how to reply to your conceited ex-spouse’s illogical actions in an efficient method, it can have serious emotional and physical repercussions. And, the majority of women do not know just how to respond to and also refine the continuous dispute experienced after separation from a narcissist.

3 Mistakes Women Make After Divorce From a Narcissist

1. Have Unreasonable Expectations

  • They expect him to be logical and also practical.
  • They expect him to respect their scenario.
  • They expect him to do what remains in their children’s best interest.

2. Believe They Can Fix the Problem

Narcissists target empaths, empaths are all-natural trouble solvers and also fixers. If you were wed to a narcissist you probably spent years trying to deal with the problems in the marital relationship. You’ll have the exact same fundamental impulse to take care of the problem in between the 2 of you if you’re divorced from a narcissist. It is, after all, the way you’re wired. How do “fixers” attempt to repair the conflict? Below are 2 examples.

  • They warrant their setting. They believe that if they safeguard and justify their position on a problem or their requirements they will eventually make him understand as well as “occur.” Nothing could be additionally from the fact! Attempting to obtain him to understand their perspective on any problem is simply added work and also stress and anxiety to a currently untenable situation.
  • They surrender and also play wonderful doggy. They think that if they offer regard they will ultimately get respect. What they do not recognize is, by playing wonderful doggy they are revealing the egotistical ex that they are susceptible … that they need something from him. All this does is open the door for more emotional strikes from the narcissist!

3. Fail to Understand the Physical and psychological Harm Done by His Narcissistic Behavior

Narcissists are problem generators. In the after-effects of separation from a narcissist, if a female doesn’t react to the narcissist’s behavior in a fashion that is healthy and balanced for her, she does not have the chance to refine her feelings and recoup prior to the following assault of dispute.

She’ll discover herself in a consistent state of hypervigilance. Because she recognizes he will certainly cause another conflict for her to deal with, she’ll be frequently on guard. She lives her life awaiting the various other shoe to go down.

Residing in continuous state of anxiety and also hypervigilance does both physical and psychological damage to the target of a narcissist. What she is really managing is trauma on a recurring basis and also, if not eased can develop into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What are the Symptoms of Ongoing Trauma?


  • Pain disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Somatoform conditions
  • Troubles sleeping
  • Menstruation issues
  • Intestinal problems, just among others.


  • Harmful coping approaches. Functioning way too much as a distraction. Making use of medicines or alcohol to soothe stress and anxiety.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Clinical depression as well as anxiety.
  • Impatience
  • Compulsive/impulsive actions

In other words, if a woman isn’t responding to an irrational, narcissistic ex lover in a healthy and balanced manner she’ll end up with far more issues than a bully of an ex-spouse.

Below are 4 pointers for healthy and balanced responses/interactions with an egotistical ex.

1. Interact Via Email Only

No in-person interaction, message communication or phone communication! If in the existence of the ex lover however maintain all interaction about post-divorce issues purely to email, it’s acceptable to nod and also state hey there. Doing so offers you created proof should any type of issues develop into legal problems.

Utilizing email additionally provides you the chance to retreat from the computer system and also not respond right away. To gather yourself emotionally and also your ideas. Keep in mind, you don’t wish to get attracted into dispute, you intend to avoid problem. The most effective method to do that is maintain a rational head and not involve or enable him to push your buttons.

2. Decreased Expectations

If you expect the worst from somebody you’re not going to be upset when that is what you obtain. Expect NOTHING from an egotistical ex lover!

3. Quit Trying to Fix Things

You aren’t MacGyver. You’re not going to be able to fix a trouble you aren’t causing no matter just how tough you attempt or just how much confidence you have in on your own to tackle that task. He is never ever mosting likely to bargain fairly with you. He is never mosting likely to return regard, despite how much you bath him with. Please, for your very own wellbeing, stop believing that if you can just say or do the best point, he’ll transform. He will not!

4. Sign in With Your Emotions

It’s crucial to remain conscious of your mood. If you’re staying in a constant state of stress and anxiety and concern make sure you are doing what requires to be done to take care of on your own psychologically. If you’re really feeling overwhelmed you may need something as straightforward as time away from the stressors and also kids, you might need to look for help from a specialist in refining your tension.

When dealing with a narcissist after divorce it’s essential that you pick your battles. , if you pick carefully you’ll locate on your own engaged in very few fights.. don’t feed his need to control you via problem by responding in a harmful fashion.

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