Is Your Ex An “Aggressive Parent?” Below Are 9 Signs

According to Alan Kemp in his book Abuse in the Family, domestic violence is defined as “A type of abuse committed by an individual with whom the target has or had a close personal partnership.” (Kemp, P. 36)

Furthermore, the medical and textbook interpretations as well as groups of child emotional abuse discovered in Table 3-1 of Alan Kemp’s book, Abuse in the Family, on web pages 72-77, can conveniently be applied to reveal it as a dreadful type of residential physical violence by means of mental injustice.

This book is simply one of lots of textbooks utilized to instruct pupils and specialists regarding mental abuse and also the categories that make it up. Whether one relies on the term parental alienation or not, the complying with criteria assist to reveal that particular behavior committed by a parent can create a youngster to withdraw their love from the various other moms and dad.

For this post, we will term this abuse as hostile parenting.

aggressive parenting

  • 9 Signs of Aggressive Parenting: Rejecting( scoffing)
  • Terrorizing Corrupting Refuting crucial stimulation, emotional responsiveness, or availability
  • Unreliable as well as inconsistent parenting
  • Psychological wellness, clinical, or educational neglect
  • Degrading/devaluing (repudiating)
  • Isolating
  • Making use of

An Explanation of the 9 Signs

By purposely separating the kid from other relative and also social assistances, isolation is occurring. The whole property of aggressive parenting is to separate and also distance the kids from the targeted moms and dad or any type of other person who sustains the targeted parent.

If the aggressive parent utilizes risks or denigrating tactics, to require the child to conform, this can be seen as scaring. Also, verbal disparagement, harassment and also exploitation of the targeted parent is extremely prominent and a key sign of aggressive parenting.

In addition, domestic violence includes the exploitation and also use the child for individual gain.

Therefore in hostile parenting, when the child is utilized to ruin the targeted parent by refuting visitation or a connection in between the other moms and dad as well as the kid or is used for financial gains such as extreme expenses beyond kid support, they are in effect committing residential physical violence. It is for these factors that hostile parenting or separating the children from the Targeted Parent can be considered as a form of domestic violence.


Allow’s take this a bit additional in its application. Because the child reveals any kind of love or affection for the targeted moms and dad that is a kind of misuse, when a parent rejects a child. This is not only a kind of denial yet terrorization. Actually, a youngster’s rejection ahead to the targeted moms and dad’s home for anxiety of losing the aggressive moms and dad’s conditional love is anxiety as well as anxiety is horror.


When an aggressive moms and dad refuses to follow court orders and also informs the youngster they do not have to either, this is damaging. It is teaching the youngster that they are over the regulation and therefore immune to the court’s authority. When a parent submits incorrect allegations of abuse as well as persuades the child to do the exact same, this is corruption.

When an aggressive parent informs the kid exists concerning the targeted parent, and that anything concerning the targeted moms and dad is unlawful, revolting and immoral, this is corrupting. This is a form of discrimination and bias, which corrupts the child’s minds.

Denying Essential Stimulation, Emotional Responsiveness, or Availability

By declining to allow the children to have a connection with the targeted moms and dad, for no reason other than their very own need to regulate the ex-spouse, the aggressive parent is rejecting them the fundamental aspects of stimulation, emotions, as well as availability with the targeted moms and dad. Actually, the targeted parent has little to no opportunity to defend themselves versus incorrect accusations.

Though they will certainly have you think that they or the youngsters feared for their lives and that the targeted moms and dad was violent, this is normally dubious or proven by the courts to be a fabrication. Without basis for this rejection, the hostile moms and dad refuses their youngster a loving and cozy relationship with the targeted parent.

Unreliable as well as Inconsistent Parenting

Since the youngsters have been rejected a connection with the targeted parent, they have also been denied a trusted and also consistent parenting circumstance and also the hostile moms and dad has actually shown that they can not parent regularly and also accurately in the supporting of a two-parent partnership with the kids.

Mental, Medical as well as Educational Neglect

When an aggressive parent rejects to follow numerous different court orders for counseling, they are refuting their children’s mental wellness. Thus psychological overlook has taken place as defined in the DSM IV as Malingering.


If in spite of many court orders or demands as well as suggestions, the hostile moms and dad remains to insult, vocally misuse as well as denigrate the kid’s targeted parent in front of the child, this habits degrades and also decreases the value of someone the child when valued and also loved and also in many cases, covertly wants a relationship with.

This disdain as well as disrespect for the targeted moms and dad before the child is an additional type of psychological abuse as it completely affects their sight of the targeted moms and dad, which moves to their sight of themselves. This produces a distorted feeling of reality, of themselves as well as their capability to depend on as well as accurately judge others.


When a moms and dad purposely messes up a relationship with the targeted moms and dad by declining to enable gos to, calls, or any type of form of healthy and balanced communication, with no evidence of misuse, this is called isolation. Moreover, when a parent has at first permitted continual call with the youngsters throughout the splitting up and also divorce duration, yet reneges on this, refusing visitation, especially when they find out their ex-spouse has a new companion, this is seclusion and also misuse.

This is likewise called Remarriage as a Trigger for Parental Alienation Syndrome and also can be more reviewed in an article by Dr. Richard Warshak, There is no doubt this is isolation as well as hence mental abuse.


When a parent makes use of the youngsters as pawns to get back at their ex-spouse partner for not liking them anymore or to manage them better, this is exploitation. When an aggressive parent makes use of the children as well as makes false allegations of misuse, intimidating the kids to state they hate the targeted parent, this is exploitation. When a moms and dad utilizes the youngsters for financial gains such as kid support, however yet does not enable the youngsters a partnership with the targeted parent, this is exploitation.

To conclude

When you add all these subscribe, it is very easy to see exactly how Aggressive Parenting, can be identified as youngster psychological maltreatment in a separation situation. When you put it all together, the DSM sums up the hostile parent rather nicely under Cluster B Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder.

The hostile moms and dad on purpose and also regardless the child or the targeted moms and dad’s welfare, or the innocent extended family’s welfare, continuously breaks their civil liberties as well as overlooks their needs for a relationship. The hostile moms and dad callously puts their own desires, needs and also wants above those of everybody else including their own kid.

This all amounts to something, Domestic Violence in the form of emotional abuse. So why does Child Protective Services refuses to protect the youngsters from this form of abuse when the signs and also signs are so clearly obvious?

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