The kanefron for the treatment of cystitis

The inflammatory process in the tissues of the bladder or cystitis (from the Greek kystis – bubble –itis – inflammation) is the most common reason for turning to the urologist. The disease most often affects girls and women of reproductive age, its causes are very diverse.

If we consider the entire list of medicines to be taken during a cystitis, it is impossible to forget about the means of natural origin. Herbal medicine with the right combination of plants and adequate doses of treatment capable of exerting pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial effects.

About Kanefron quite well known in Russian medicine, as the drug is widely established itself among the doctors not only urological profile. It is used in therapeutic and surgical practice. The kanefron from cystitis quite often designate obstetrician-gynecologists as the medicine can be applied to pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Cystitis is inflamed mucous membrane of the bladder

What caused the healing properties of Kanefron?

The drug is made in Germany, and to this day it consists of only natural ingredients, the properties of which contribute to high efficiency Kanefron cystitis and other diseases.

These include:

  • Rosemary, which is based on essential oils and flavonoids that contribute to frequent urination and relaxes spasm of smooth muscles of the bladder. Thus, the product eliminates pain, but also has a preventive effect in the case of formation of stones in the urinary tract. Also rosmarinic acid contributes to the subsidence of the inflammatory component.
  • Centaury rich in substances-alkaloids that can have a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the plant improves the regenerative ability of the body and greatly reduces pain.
  • The root of lovage has a strong antispasmodic effect and improves the process of urination. He also is able to quickly eliminate inflammation in the bladder and speeds up the process of removing infectious agents from the organs of the urinary system.

Organic-based Kanefron – natural ingredients without added chemicals

Thus, Kanefron offers the following combined effect on the body:

Receiving Kanefron in the required therapeutic dose allows to reduce the number of prescribed drugs from other groups

How to take Kanefron cystitis?

The drug has found its widest application in urological and therapeutic practice, but not only for the treatment of cystitis. The kanefron prescribed for kidney stones, inflammation of the urethra (urethritis), pyelonephritis, edema syndrome during pregnancy. It is proved that the purpose of the Kanefron from inflammatory processes in the kidneys of noninfectious origin as many times accelerates the healing process (eg, nephritis).

The tool is produced in two interchangeable forms:

In tablet form the drug is not currently available.

The criterion for the choice of a particular form of the drug becomes the patient’s age, the nature of the work and the need for concentration during the day, pregnancy status and individual patient preferences.
Dosage and method of receiving always determined only by a physician, which for this purpose is based on the received data of objective examination and laboratory and instrumental examination.

The kanefron in solution can be taken with water or pre-dissolve it in a small volume of liquid that does not matter and does not affect the success of treatment.
The kanefron is produced in several dosage forms, allowing to select the optimal treatment regimen for any patient

Recommended to treat any abnormality of the urinary tract in the appointment of Kanefron in the following doses:

The kanefron in the form of tablets are swallowed without chewing and with sufficient amounts of clean water.

Dosage the following:

The drugs and dependence on food is not so important, but still advisable to drink it daily in the same time period.
The course of treatment is always determined strictly individually, because everything will depend on the subsiding of the clinical picture, dynamics improve the health of the sick, improvements in laboratory and instrumental data, etc. on average the treatment lasts 3-4 weeks. In a further possible use of the preparation with preventive purpose and for a shorter time.

In addition, the tool has proved its effectiveness and safety in the treatment of infections of the urinary tract during pregnancy and moments of lactation, which carries a number of advantages over other medicines (for example, replace the use of antibiotics).
The kanefron essential in inflammatory processes in the urinary tract in pregnant women


Given that the composition of the Kanefron are exclusively natural ingredients, the range of reasons limiting its use, is not so great:

Why Kanefron not helping?

In some cases, when the patient decides not to go to the doctor, and to treat his illness, he may encounter the same problem as the lack of efficiency of the Kanefron.

This can happen for a number of perfectly explainable and easily avoidable reasons:

The treatment failure is most often associated with independent reception of small doses, insufficient to combat the cause of the disease


Among the many tools able to deal with inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, Kanefron occupies not the last place, and sometimes even leading. This is due to its safety, efficiency, quite a large spectrum of pharmacological action and the ability to use among patients of all ages, including pregnant women. We must not forget that the drug can not only treat but also prevent the aggravation of diseases and in the range of its possibilities to fight against stone formation.

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