Select and use the massager for neck and shoulder

Situation when sore neck and shoulders, is quite common. The reasons are many.

Will effectively help to get rid of painful symptoms and improve well-being massage for the neck and shoulders.

What you need to know about the features of a neck massager and some of them are suitable for massaging the shoulders? In some cases, and when not to perform massage treatments?

It can be:

  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • a muscle strain resulting from lifting heavy weights
  • hypothermia;
  • long stay in a static posture at the computer.

What you need to massage your neck?

The modern market presents different types of massagers, however, before purchase it is necessary to consult a doctor whether or not to use this massager.

Contraindications for their use are:

  • acute pain in the neck;
  • high blood pressure;
  • cancer;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • the increase in body temperature.

If the pain in the neck are acute, the massager cannot be used. Neck massage in most cases is contraindicated for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Prohibited if you suspect the presence of cancer pathology, located in any part of the body, and chronic dermatoses.

The procedure is not carried out when there is a hernia or a pinched cervical vertebrae. This rule applies to the elevated temperature of the body: shoulder and neck massage in such cases, do not.

What symptoms will help to get a massage?

These symptoms include:

  • headache;
  • aching pain in the neck and shoulders;
  • the blood circulation;
  • loss of vitality;
  • CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome);
  • the poor condition of the skin.

Massage will help get rid of headaches and uncomfortable feelings that are the constant companions of the people leading a sedentary lifestyle, aching pain, which not only covers the neck and shoulders but also the upper back.

Massage of the shoulder joint contributes to the restoration of normal circulation in the upper limbs and is an excellent means of prevention against arthritis.

If done regularly, will greatly increase the vitality of the body that affect the skin – it becomes more healthy and elastic.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, according to the medical statistics, is increasingly non-proliferation among the inhabitants of Russia.

Lethargy, drowsiness, apathy, fatigue even after sleeping – all distinctive signs of the disease.

The condition of the cervical vertebrae and the appearance of a person’s CFS are closely related. When the load is subjected to the neck, deteriorating blood flow to the brain, the body receives the full amount of oxygen necessary for its normal functioning, and in humans occurs sharp deterioration of health.

Even if cervical vertebrae and shoulder joints are all in order, massage treatments necessarily need the body as a prophylactic against diseases that limit physical activity of the body.

A full massage, and the periodic course of massage treatments is expensive. Therefore it makes sense to buy quality massager for neck and shoulders, which will last for many years.

Miracle cushion or a magical collar?

Massager for neck and shoulders at the same time similar to a pillow and collar. If you compare the effect of massage done manually, from a procedure with use of the massager, the second will be no less effective than the first.

Often the effect of the use of massage by using massager. Absolute contraindications to the use of massagers this type no. They belong to the category of multifunctional orthoses.

The miracle collar can be used in order to carry out the massage of the shoulder joint. It is ideal for procedures in the lumbar region and hips.

After finding a long time in a static position the person felt pain and symptoms in the extremities. Here, too, will come to the aid of the miracle pillow, whose infrared rays will warm the joints.

Massagers this type of makers are usually equipped with infrared heating. It has a relaxing effect on the muscles in order to massage treatments bring the maximum effect.

The device is equipped with a remote control, with whose help you can adjust the massage mode.

Making decision about buying the massager, please note that the selected model during the procedure covering the location of the occipital tuberosity. Massage this patch is necessary, because there are arteries leading to the brain.

Before buying you need to test

Different devices have their specific characteristics.

They differ in:

  • size;
  • functionality;
  • power.

Better if the power rating can be adjusted. Choosing the size of the massager is necessary to adhere to Golden mean. At small sizes, it will have a small impact.

If the device is too large, it will get in the way. In terms of functionality one chooses the principle of interaction itself. A good option would be an electric massager with different functions.

If a person suffers from rheumatism cervical-thoracic spine, it needs a neck massager, the maximum ohvatyvayuschih thoracic.

In such cases it makes sense to buy a collar-bag, which inside contains a hard rollers that perform the massage procedure.

It is very important that they were located correctly. The rollers should be on the sides of the trapezius muscles. Rheumatism cervical-thoracic spine will be the best option purchase massager with heating function, which will properly prepare the muscles for the subsequent procedure.

If you still have doubts to buy or not an expensive model, you can go the other way to solve the problem.

For this initially it is better to try to buy a manual neck massager and practice to perform the procedure.

If followed will improve health, it makes sense to spend the money on a more expensive model, do not forget to test it.

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